Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MJ Rosenberg Oversimplifies, Complains

MJ Rosenberg has written an article for the HP, and you know what it's going to be about: AIPAC controlling the US government. The guy never writes about anything else. This time, he's using US aid to Israel as his jumping off point before getting to his main points about AIPAC.

Read what Rosenberg has to say about US aid to Israel.
" But how can anyone justify picking this one program out of the entire federal budget and saying, without discussion, that it merits full funding, without scrutiny, while virtually every other program is cut?"
Now, Rosenberg stops short of calling for an end to US aid to Israel, but he complains that US aid to Israel is not up for discussion in government. Which then launches him into a whine fest about AIPAC's tentacles controlling the US government.
"But we do none of that. Israel prepares a shopping list and Congressional appropriators provide the goods. Shop 'till you drop.
This is wrong. Congress should treat the Israel aid package the same way it deals with programs that benefit Americans. Those who support it should be forced to defend it, line by line.
But the sad fact is that special interests like AIPAC, the Chamber of Commerce and the Club for Growth intimidate Congress into exempting their favorite projects even from discussion. Aid to Israel will not even be discussed this year, except to the extent that Members of Congress inform AIPAC of their utter devotion to keeping the money flowing.
If only infants, working Americans, and the poor were somebody's special interest. Maybe then, someday, they too could intimidate Congress. As the old Jewish expression goes: We should all live so long." 
First of all, let's not pretend Mr. Rosenberg cares at all about infants, working Americans and the poor. He's written dozens of posts for the Huffington Post and not one of them is about infants. They are all about Israel and AIPAC. Mr. Rosenberg is coldbloodedly using infants and the poor to push his own agenda. Pretty contemptible.

Now, there is only one fact that Mr. Rosenberg posts on his article, that US aid to Israel is not debated in government. Why is this? According to him, it's because of "special interests" such as AIPAC and other lobby groups. He offers no proof of this statement, beyond "AIPAC money going to Congresspeople".

Now, I'm going to offer several other explanations as to why US aid to Israel remains, and you guys think about whether or not they make sense. Explanation number 1: Americans support Israel. In general. Therefore, the US government supports Israel in general, and the government helps Israel accordingly. I don't know any other issue off the top of my head that 67% of Americans agree on, but I'm sure if they exist the US government doesn't debate it very much either. Explanation number 2: The US wants to be able to influence Israel to do what it wants. If there is no aid package, Israel has no reason to listen to the US. Netanyahu didn't freeze settlements last year out of the goodness of his heart. It's because of the possibility of less US aid next time. Explanation number 3: Israel and the US have common enemies, so they help each other.

I think all of those explanations are much more compelling than "AIPAC gives money, Congress obeys". If it were that simple, the Arab lobby could bribe the Congresspeople with a lot more money than the Jews could come up with, and then there would be no aid to Israel at all. But that is not the case. Too bad Mr. Rosenberg isn't willing to think more critically and come up with a more plausible explanation beyond going after AIPAC ad nauseum.


  1. Rosenberg is a leftist who is involved in every progressive cause there is.He writes about AIPAC because that is where he has the most clout.He uses the fact that he used to work there to give him the legitimacy to tear them to shreds. Nobody would care what he thinks about poverty program because who is he to write about them? But he knows AIPAC and, as a result,everybody reads his stuff.All by himself, with a few other fellow leftists, he has made Americans aware of the lobby. (It helps that he's Jewish. No wonder he drives you crazy.

  2. I believe in ending US aid to Israel because it has made Israel too deferential to the US, has kept Israel from developing economic and military self-sufficiency and I want good ol' MJ Rosenberg to shut up.

    My viewpoint is a pro-Zionist and pro-Israel one.

  3. Eh, I don't like or agree with MJR anymore than you do Norman, but I don't want him to shut up because freedom of speech also = freedom to be wrong, repeatedly, shrilly, in areas where it's de rigeur to sell out liberal/progressive beliefs in order to give succor to the pro-Palestinian mob. He's never heard, or doesn't believe, that it's better to be silent and thought a fool than open one's mouth and confirm it. So be it.

  4. Why would MJR shut up. He has a political view and the reputation to get it widely disseminated. If you had his reach, wouldn't you be widely published just as he is. He is pretty wealthy so AIPAC can't touch him by going after his job. And going after AIPAC is dangerous. Look how they smeared Rosen who was loyal to them. They revealed his private sex life. Nice guys!


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