Monday, March 14, 2011

MJ Rosenberg Reacts To Stabbing Attack

After reviewing MJ Rosenberg's Twitter feed, here are the only reactions that he has to the stabbing deaths of an entire family over the weekend:

By the way, the "exploiting" of the murders that he is referring to is Israel's expansion of settlements in response to this attack. Exploitation is one interpretation. Here is another one: We know that Palestinians don't like settlements, so expanding them is a way to respond to the murders without killing or hurting anyone.

But of course that isn't the point. Even Sharmine Narwani mouthed a half-hearted condemnation of the attack before lambasting Israel once again. Mr. Rosenberg couldn't even do that. But remember, everybody, that he's "pro-Israel." Yeah, I don't believe it anymore either.


  1. MJ Rosenberg and SharmineNarwani

    Separated at birth???

    As they are both parents, how they can react to this in a political way,
    rather than a HUMAN way is beyond comprehension.

    "In US a politician who rushes to score political points over dead kids is considered a pig. Not in Israel"....

    In US a pro-Palistinian anti-Israel *journalist* who rushes to score political points over dead kids is considered a pig. NOT ON Huffington Post, and NOT if your name is Rosenberg or Narwani.

  2. A Jew who is truly pro-Israel would have expressed revulsion at the murder of innocent Jews and supported Israel's peaceful and non-violent response to that act of brutal savagery.

    It is telling indeed good ol' MJ Rosenberg cannot even manage it. Jews' have a right to be where they are under international law.

    And it says lot about the anti-Israel activists that they are more affronted by Jews living in Yesha than they are by the murderous Arab bigotry and racism expressed towards them in chilling and barbarous violence!

    We truly do live in an upside down world.

  3. MJ Rosenberg is nothing less then a modern day kapo who should be shunned by the Jewish people and banned from entering Israel.

  4. MJ Rosenberg is a despicable person. I don't know he could live with himself.


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