Thursday, March 3, 2011

NATO Kills Children. HPer Reactions?

The Huffington Post has published a story about NATO troops (statistically, probably Americans) apologizing for killing nine Afghani children, all under the age of 12. Although the article has been up for about two hours at the time I am writing it, there are less than 25 comments at this point. Since then it has bumped up to more than 2,500, which makes it about the level of an above-average settlements thread, but still less than a flotilla raid.

What was most interesting was that among the comments that were posted, it wasn't outrage or anger. It was sadness, and repetition that tragedies like this will only continue as long as American forces are there, and they should leave. With one exception, not a single one of the usual anti-Zionist crowd has shown their faces on the thread as far as I've seen.

I guess it upsets them when their tax dollars are used to kill people, but not when their countrymen using their equipment in their name kill people. Funny how that feeling of personal responsibility ebbs and flows, doesn't it?


  1. If Israel has nothing to do with it, no one cares.

    I can guess how many anti-Zios showed up on the HP's Libya threads.

    Close to zero.

  2. "I guess it upsets them when their tax dollars are used to kill people"

    At least you have got around to admitting that American tax dollars are killing Palestinians.

    That's a start.


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