Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Defends Holocaust Denial

Huffington Post Alan Elsner wrote an article about Hamas refusing to allow the Holocaust to be taught in their schools, and about how they could learn a lesson from Pope Benedict. Aside from this, his article is pretty standard fare: Teaching children to hate Jews will not lead to peace, Hamas should be criticized for both this decision and their decision to continue to make war on Israel. Because of this, most of the anti-Zionist crowd stayed away from the thread. Because really, who is going to defend Holocaust denial?

Who indeed?

Here are a couple key passages that I wanted to reprint:
"I suggest first teaching about the Nakba in Israeli schools before getting on your high horse about Palestinia­n kids being taught about the Holocaust....
"The Holocaust is often used to provoke outrage and gain instant sympathy - no matter the situation. It has been so overused in the context of the poor occupied Palestinians, that it has lost all value with this reader."
Wow. I don't even know what to say. She also makes another couple of inappropriate comparisons with the Holocaust, such as that the Palestinians losing property in a war they started or bad behavior by Israeli soldiers is equivalent to the genocidal killing of millions of Jews. But I'm not even sure to react to her claim that the Holocaust has "lost all value" to her. I'll be honest, I never really thought that ol "Dignity Rockets" ever had a real hatred of Jews. Not even after everything we have seen. But this, in my view, crosses the line.

Because as others like to tell us, Israel and the Jews have nothing to do with each other, right? So in that case what is the harm about learning about Jewish history? She can dance around the issue all she likes but the truth is that she doesn't mind (or likes) that Hamas teaches Holocaust denial to Palestinian children. Now why would this be? I have a theory: She doesn't want Palestinian children to learn information that might cause them to be sympathetic to the Israelis, while at the same time she demands that the Israeli children learn information that might cause them to be sympathetic to the Palestinians. Obviously, this is hypocritical, but it is also very disturbing. We know that Ms. Narwani wants the Palestinians to fight Israel until it is destroyed, and it's hard to have obedient little child soldiers when they learn inconvenient facts like the Holocaust. We wouldn't want the Palestinains to start thinking for themselves, eh? That's not the purpose of education.

Another revealing comment is there at the end she seems to think that Mr. Elsner is trying to "force" the Palestinians to learn about the Holocaust. It is pretty pathetic that asking the Palestinians to do the right thing is "forcing them," but apparently that is the way that Ms. Narwani reacts to a call for change. And of course, it is the UN's decision, because the UN is the one paying for these schools that the Palestinian children attend. So yeah, I think that we have the right to tell the UNRWA teachers want to teach, no matter how much Ms. Narwani gripes and moans.

But she isn't finished yet! Click the link below to read some more, if you have the stomach for it.
The pro-Israel user myopinion2 called her out on this comment. Check out her response:

Again, I'm going to repeat some passages of interest:
"Having said that, I strongly contend that the Jewish state abuses the symbols of the Holocaust to further a wholly political agenda - and personally feel that this cynical exploitati­on is a betrayal of every single Jew who was callously exterminat­ed based solely on their religion. You will find many Israelis and Jews who agree with me on this - google it.

Because of this politiciza­tion - and because of Israel's refusal to allow its own children from studying the Nakba - I find it entirely understand­able that an oppressed population does not want to read about the political, cultural or humanistic narratives of its oppressor, however myopic that may be. I didn't say this was right - but it is absolutely understand­able, and deeply ironic given Israel's rejection of the Nakba in its own schools."
Okay, so point one: I feel bad about the Holocaust but the Israelis exploit it so much that I no longer care. This is a common rallying cry among Holocaust cynics, in fact it is the only thing that they ever have to say on the subject. I find it quite informative that Ms. Narwani also refuses to tell us about her experiences surrounding the Holocaust and her knowledge about it. I cannot help but wonder whether she didn't learn too much, lest there grow some sympathy in her heart for the Jewish people and by extension their state.

Here's the second point: the understanding. How many times have we heard this bullshit before? "I don't approve of Holocaust denial/suicide bombing/use of child soldiers/mass murders/shooting pregnant women/lynchings/airplane hijackings/war crimes, but I understand why they do it." Are you freaking kidding me? Does anyone buy this anymore? There is absolutely no reason why Hamas should teach Holocaust denial to its students and deny them the information to find out on their own. No amount of suffering that the Palestinian people have gone through should prevent them from doing the right thing. It is only in the minds of apologists like Ms. Narwani that "oppression" means all sense of morality and decency should be thrown out the window. No one gave the Jews any slack at all after they were nearly wiped off the face of the earth, yet the Palestinians demand special treatment because they have to go through checkpoints. And people like Ms. Narwani will always be there to defend them.

Seriously. Why is she still writing for the Huffington Post again? They can't possibly approve of these kind of views, right?



  1. It does show us what Sharmine Narwani thinks about the truth.

    I'm not trying to laugh here but you have admit someone who doesn't take it very seriously is not in a position to lecture to others about historical injustice, etc.

    My point is the Holocaust is not just something that happened to the Jews. It did happen to the Jews but its also a universal lesson about the nature of human evil. Even if the Jews were of no interest to the Arabs, the question of evil is still appropriate for Arab kids to learn - as well as how to avoid doing the same thing to others.

    How in the world could any decent person object to learning about that? The fact Narwani objects to that tells us more about her character than it does about whether its appropriate (and yes, as long as the world's including American taxpayers pay for it) to teach about the Holocaust to Palestinian children.

    That said, its disturbing that someone with Narwani's views on the subject is allowed to blog on the HP.

  2. Not only does the Huffington Post approve of such bloggers and their articles, it has created a moderator community that protects these bloggers and articles from criticism. Their latest act of protectionism and antidebate: Thesilvergoodbar - banned. All posts removed. The moderators at HP are a bunch of cowards...and worse.

  3. Narwani is allowed to say whatever she wants, to whom ever she wants.
    She is *allowed*
    >to defend/excuse blatant antisemitism
    >to advocate for the denial of the Jewish State of Israel
    >to defend and excuse cold blooded murder of Israeli's, including children
    >to belittle, put down, smear, and name call posters and other bloggers

    No one *uses* or *abuses* their situation for pure *politics* more than the Palestinian supporters.

    Narwani continues to push the envelope, and continues to not only get away with it, but to become more and more aggressive with her obvious
    *free reign* status on HuffPo. I sometimes don't know if I am more disgusted with her, or with HuffPo, her enabler.
    They are both despicable.

  4. You guy's knocked this one right out of the ball park. Way to go!!!

    Who really finds it abhorrent and intolerable to teach the Palestinian children about the holocaust??? Do you believe for a second that it would cause those children mental anguish assuming they don't already have a preconceived indoctrinated hatred towards Jews??? It's people like Narwani, and her Hamas friends, not the children that would feel disturbed about them learning about the holocaust and heaven for bid they might become compassionate towards Jews in general, which by extension might mean becoming "soft" towards Israel's existence.

    Yes Narwani and friends would prefer the Palestinian children be indoctrinated with perpetual hatred towards the Jewish people, turning them into little robots who are taught the glorification of martyrdom by becoming 'resistant' fighters against Israel which includes becoming suicide bombers. Yes that's the curriculum that people like Ms. Narwani want to see in Palestinian schools. She wants the next generation of children to be their foot soldiers in the continual War for uprooting the Jewish State of Israel. Yes, indeed, what a much better educational system that is for the Palestinian children. It's sure to make them more open minded, well adjusted, less radical, and partners in future peace.

    Thank goodness there's now a school in Israel that intermixes all the faiths; Jews, Muslims, and Christians. With that there's some hope.


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