Friday, March 18, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Supports Terrorism

It's not like we didn't already know this, but it is nice that she puts it right out there in black and white for us:

The bodies of the Itamar family are not even in the ground a week and already she is calling the use of the word "terrorist" a "false narrative."

I mean, it's one thing to not think that Hamas and Fatah are as bad as everyone thinks. It's one thing to think that Israel should negotiate with them even if they are. But I think that it's way beyond the line for a Huffington Post blogger to actively cheerlead for violence against Israel. And not, by the way, against any other "oppressors" of the Palestinians and Lebanese.

If you would like to contact the Huffington Post to inform them about this latest demonstration of support for violence, try here.


  1. and note the complete line of 2-level badges. They reward what they want to reward.

  2. Hey, for whatever reason, your link to contact the HuffPost did not work for me. It simply brings up a blank "untitled" page.


  3. I don't think we'll be hearing anything from Sharmine Narwani about the brutal use of force by the Libyan and Bahraini regimes that have killed tens of thousands of Arabs who have resisted them.

    Israel has never used that kind of force during the last two intifadas. Narwani never complains about Arab aggression against their own people. The toll of lives lost in the Arab World from such aggression exceeds all the Arabs killed at the hands of Israel in all of the past century's wars combined.

  4. Nobody, but Narwani has claimed the shipment is 'manufactured', not even the captain or any one who was on the ship. That's her automated reaction to everything Israel does, and say's. She doesn't provide one iota of evidence to support her many delusional claims about Israel, in particular seizing ships with armaments. I'm sure her next diatribe blog she will try hard to find historical events where Israel tried to cover up some of their actions, for political reasons and thereby by extension say ...You see everybody you can't trust what Israel say's. I would say apply that same analysis to PA, Fatah, Hamas, Hezballah, & Iran, but you don't have to, since their monumental lies are well known, transparent and habitual.

    Israel withdrew in accordance with UN resolution 425 and UN agreed with Israel that the Shebba Farms are not part of Lebanon's territory. Hezballah is still in violation of UNSC resolution 1701 calling for it's disarmament. Sharwani should look that up. So it's not according to International Law for them to re-arm on the contrary it must disarm. The PA also according to Oslo agreement, and recommendations by Geneva Accord, and Road Map, calls for disarmament of militia groups, terrorists groups, which Hamas and Hezballah by definition are. Israel according to Oslo agreement has right to inspect ships off it's coast.

    She's a radical extremist, no surprise, she's displayed her support for Hezballah & Hamas in the past. How brave and honorable of her to be an armchair quarterback jihaddist by cheer leading terrorist groups and all Palestinians to continue military aggression against Israeli civilians.

    Narwani is a throwback to the Nassar/Arafat days. She doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist and will defend with unsound reasoning all terrorism against Israel. So sad.

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    Yes. Israel is built on myths. Debunk a few, and people will be suddenly looking around and saying to each other: "Why did we buy into this, again?"

  6. Sharmine is a shiite extremist and does not believe in free speech. She is being exposed in this article but I sense she is deleting comments. Too bad that she don't have the guts.


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