Friday, April 1, 2011

Cross-Post: MJ Rosenberg Spits on Elizabeth Taylor's Grave

[I found this article by Janet Tassel on NewsRealBlog through Solomonia. The article it references has not as yet appeared on the Huffington Post.]

So predictable is MJ Rosenberg, the big-mouthed Jewish anti-Zionist, that one avoids his rants like the plague.

Rosenberg, who blogs at TPM CafĂ© and the Huffington Post, is a Foreign Policy Fellow at George Soros’s Media Matters Action Network. A former aide to Democrats and one-time AIPAC bigwig, somewhere along the path he took a sharp left turn and toppled into the noxious miasma of anti-Zionism.

The heroes of this blowhard include Judge Goldstone, Helen Thomas (“I love Helen Thomas”), Walt and Mearsheimer (“Happy Anniversary, Professors Walt and Mearsheimer!”), and all the victimized Palestinian “children”; his capacious hate list includes his former associates at AIPAC, Binyamin Netanyahu, the “settlements,” Commentary Magazine, the “Jewish Lobby,” and all “neo-cons.”
There is no accounting for this man’s pathological hate. However, what makes him such an unworthy object of rebuttal is that not only is he obnoxious; worse, he isn’t even funny.

However, this week it is incumbent upon us to hold our noses and eruct. For this time he has taken on our beloved Elizabeth Taylor of blessed memory. And she can’t even defend herself. He entitles this delirious rap “The Bogus ‘Liz Taylor Loved Israel’ Story.”

First off, he ridicules all those “mediocre Jewish weeklies” filled with “nonsense” about Elizabeth Taylor’s “love” for Israel (his scare quotes). Then, in one of his typically snarky smirks: “Ethnic papers celebrate their own. It’s kind of sweet.” This “celebrity gossip fused with propaganda,” he continues:
is based on a false premise. Clearly, Elizabeth Taylor loved the Israel of “Exodus,” of the early post-1948 era of Holocaust survivors and fighting kibbutzniks. But there is no evidence at all that she supported the Israel of the occupation, of smashing Gaza, or of utter contempt for the Palestinians.
Aside from the fact that lack of evidence does not mean “no evidence at all,” and as if her well-known friendship with both Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Rabin were not presumptive evidence, why should Elizabeth Taylor love “fighting kibbutzniks” but not Israelis defending themselves? Then, of course, Rosenberg’s customary use of hot-button words like “occupation” and “smashing” only confirms his own radical left-wing bias and has nothing at all to do with Elizabeth Taylor. As to “utter contempt for the Palestinians,” if it were not so delusional it would be laughable.

“My supposition is this,” he pontificates. “Like most Jews [?], Elizabeth Taylor’s love for Israel was seriously challenged by Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians….” Would these ill-treated Palestinians include the 1.5 million Palestinians who live in Israel? How about those who sit in the Knesset, in the courts? But we digress.

Claiming that “the Israel she loved had been hijacked,” he continues:
My guess is that if she had remained dedicated to Israel, she would have lent her name to J Street, Americans For Peace Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, or one of the other groups fighting the occupation.
The obvious answers to Rosenberg’s suppositions and guesses is that Elizabeth Taylor would have been smart enough to understand that “occupation” is the buzz word for the legal and moral settling of land that belongs to Israel by every conceivable definition of the word; that the Palestinians have been given multiple opportunities to take that land, but have rejected each offer; and that their real intention is to remove Israel from the map entirely. My guess is that the last forums in the world Elizabeth Taylor would have lent her name to would be the above-named insidious forces whose object is to undermine the very survival of the Israel she loved.

It’s also telling that Rosenberg believes there is only one Israel—the one of his fevered imagination. But Rosenberg’s own place alongside J Street on the margins of the conversation—far outside the mainstream–is reassuring. After waiting for Elizabeth Taylor’s death to disrespect her name and her memory, it’s clear that’s where Rosenberg belongs.

Apart from this load of fatuousness, Rosenberg calls her ET. For this alone, we would love to see our gal jump from the grave and spit in his eye. After that, may she rest in peace.


  1. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg has never met a mainstream Israeli.

    Israelis have turned against the peace process but not because they don't want peace; they are aware they will never be accepted in the region no matter what they do.

    Rosenberg forgets that Taylor was very much a part of that Israeli consensus he derides. If there is no peace today its not because Israel didn't leave every stone unturned to attain it.

    In the end, history will vindicate Israel, Rosenberg's anti-Israel jeremiads notwithstanding.

  2. Dave's list is the best:
    refudiate that :)


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