Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hilarious Comment of the Day

The Huffington Post covered the non-news story of a new flotilla to Gaza being put together. Naturally, all the HPers thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they didn't react too well to contradictions of their own narratives. Here's an example:

Oh my God, can you believe it? The poor suffering Gazans have to share the surfboards! Oh the humanity, can you close your eyes to their incredible pain?

That's the problem with being a Palsbarist. Palestinians make themselves out to be the number one sufferers on the planet, no one is suffering more than them. But when reality doesn't line up with that myth, as it does in this post, you see Palsbarists make ridiculous statements like that one.

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  1. The Palsbarists acknowledge conditions in Gaza aren't so bad as they claim.

    They can't keep their lies straight!

  2. I thought all the really hardcore surfers made their own boards. There are instructions all over the 'net. I mean really, making a rocket or suicide vest is much more difficult and they do just fine with that.

    These lunatics can smuggle in advanced antitank rockets and long range missiles, but they cant get ahold of a surfboard?

    Well priorities after all. Kinda hard to take out a school bus with a surfboard.


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