Friday, April 22, 2011

Ira Chernus and More "Myths" (Part 3)

Well we have come to the end of the week and I will take on the final alleged "myth" contained in the article by Ira Chernus, latest and greatest anti-Israel pundit to arrive on the Huffington Post. Without further ado, here it is:
"Myth Number 3: Israel’s existence is threatened by worldwide efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state. Early in 2010, Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin told the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, that the country was not “suffering from terror or from an immediate military threat” -- only to warn of a new peril: “The Palestinian Authority is encouraging the international arena to challenge Israel’s legitimacy....There are shreds of truth in it. There have always been people who saw the Jewish state, imposed on indigenous Palestinians, as illegitimate.""
Well, given that you think Israel was "imposed on indigenous Palestinians," and given your characterizations of Zionism, it sure sounds like you are one of them. Without much to say on the topic of the delegitimization, he instead starts lying about the BDS movement. As this video shows, they are clearly dedicated to wiping Israel off the map, even if 99% of their supporters don't realize it. This doesn't stop Professor Chernus from declaring that it only wants to "end the occupation of Palestinian lands" and that "were Israel to start behaving by accepted international moral norms, the BDS movement would fade." Isn't that convenient, and very typical of anti-Zionists: There is no threat to Israel, and even if there were, Israel deserves it anyway.

 But then he shifts to the other gear, and that even though Israel should be boycotted, the BDS movement has no impact on Israel's economy anyway (which is true) and so Israel should not be worried about it (hence, it's a "myth"). More about this two-step on Sunday, but he finally gets to what he really wanted to talk about, U.S.-Israel relations:
 "But what if the American public knew the facts that Obama acknowledged [that Israel is stronger than the Palestinians]? What if every solemn reference to Israel’s “security needs” were greeted not with nodding heads, but with the eye-rolling skepticism it deserves? What if Israel’s endless excesses and excuses -- its claims that the occupation of the West Bank and the economic strangulation of Gaza are necessary “for the sake of security” -- were regularly scoffed at by most Americans?"
Professor Chernus is not the first person to stride onto the Huffington Post and declare that he is a million times more informed than the stupid American peasants who dare to disagree with him, a religious studies professor, about international politics. But we have now come to the end of this article and he has provided no new information about why there is no security issue when it comes to Israel.

Americans read the news. They see the rockets landing. They see the children running to bomb shelters. They saw the effects of the bomb in Jerusalem and they read about the Itamar killings. They heard the story of the school bus being rocketed and they remember not so long ago when suicide bombers were blowing up Israelis every day. And maybe the difference between them and Mr. Chernus is that they don't disregard all these stories because it doesn't fit their politics or their prejudices.

Professor Chernus can moan and groan all he likes (and I have the feeling that he will) but the American people and the American government won't just look the other way while Israelis die. The American people are good people, and they know who their friends are. They remember who danced on 9/11 and aren't willing to give them so much slack next time. They stand up for their friends.  If Professor Chernus doesn't like that, tough luck. Maybe he should come down from his mountain in Colorado and see for himself.

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  1. Israelis don't like being lectured to by people who have never lived in their country and presume to know what's best for them. They have rejected political parties identified with Professor Chernus' positions.

    As long as Israel's critics insult the intelligence of Israel's Jews, the country's Left won't be set to hold power there in our lifetime.


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