Sunday, April 17, 2011

Narwani on Arrigoni

As mentioned earlier, the HP covered the story of the brutal murder of Vizzorio Arrigoni, an anti-Israel activist in Gaza. Everyone's favorite HP blogger Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani poked her head in just for a second to make sure everyone knew Hamas wasn't responsible.

Narwani criticizes anyone on the thread if they dare try to "obscure this fact for political narratives" and then proceeds to shill some facts about Hamas. Conspicuously absent from this post is any comment on the brutal murder itself, not even a fig leaf about how the murder was terrible. Guess the posters on the thread aren't the only ones with a political narrative to get across.


  1. Sharmani Narwani nowhere points out the murderers where Islamists and Palestinian Arabs.

    You have to avoid facing reality to maintain sainted Arab victimhood and washing your dirty linen in public would be to question that innocence.

    The rival terrorist gangs in Gaza merely differ on how strictly Islamic law should be enforced and when it is time to wage jihad against Israel.

    There are no real moderates in Gaza and Narwani's ignorance about the region she supposedly knows better than Washington is showing up.

    Good luck with getting her to ever look in the mirror of Arab depravity.

  2. Sharmine may shill for "real" Muslims, but thankfully she is not a "real" Muslim herself...just like MJ Rosenberg isn't a "real" Jew. She observes no Islamic customs AFAICT (she appears to be completely westernized) and she mixes it up with plenty of infidels at the HuffPo, including Jews. And she appears to be still single...which is HOT baby!


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