Monday, April 25, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Insults User, Admits Her Biases

Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani has posed a new article about Shi'ites in the Middle East, including crackdowns upon them in places such as Bahrain. The article has some...interesting analogies about the Shi'ites but in short she is complaining about what she calls "the anti-Shia narrative." Of course, this most prominently includes not the Shi'ite people, but Iran and Hezbollah. We are less interested in the substance of this article but in the talkback thread, where there were two interesting comments made. Here is the first, when a talkbacker calls her out:

I am willing to cut her a bit of slack since this user did start the name calling, but bad behavior by one person does not justify bad behavior by another. Especially when the second is a Huffington Post blogger and moderator. Still, I'm kind of surprised that his comment was deleted.

Now here is the second. Check out the link if the context is confusing:

Notice the comment there in the last paragraph: "My only real constant is anti-zionism. Nothing positive I can see in that colonial experiment gone bad." Of course, in this there is much meaning. She is not constantly pro-human rights, pro-democracy, pro-Palestinian, pro-freedom, pro-anything! Only anti-Israel. This reeks of hypocrisy, considering the many terrible regimes that she has gotten into bed with to push this anti-Western view of the Middle East.

The second part is almost as informative as the first, seeing as how Israel is hardly the only nation in the world that can be described as a "colonial experiment." Again, how did all the Arabs get there if not through colonialism and conquest. Even if we put all of that argument aside, it's informative that Ms. Narwani now no longer pretends to be a "critic" of Israel's "policies," and admits that she has once again singled out the Jews to be denied their human rights.

Sharmine Narwani: Biased against Israel, biased against Jews. We've known it forever, but it's nice to see it confirmed.


  1. Anti-Zionism = anti-Israel = anti-Jew.

    Neat confection.

    Equally meat total distortion.

  2. I think we need a better understanding of her statement. If her anti-Zionism is "constant" will it also be there in the event a peace between Israel and Palestine is achieved? We have heard from every quarter of the Arab world that if the Palestinians themselves have made peace they are prepared to recognize Israel - so does her animosity continue? If so what would be the basis? Clearly the political motivation would have been removed and I would expect any other issues such as a "symbolic" right of return and removal of settlers from areas deemed non-essential to Israel's security would be addressed. So the only remaining basis for her bias must be racial. A self proclaimed racist should not be given a platform to post on either the HufPo or in polite society. Of course she will deny this - claiming that Jews have a right to live in a "single state" of Palestine after they have given up their rights to self-determination, a right she would undoubtedly defend for anby other ethnicity. Again, a racist position on her part.

  3. Anonymous. The problem is not recognising Israel. The Saudis have said that they will do that. What is the problem is that the Arabs/Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish Zionist Democratic state. In other words, no longer part of the Muslim Ummah. This is necessary because Muslims all over the world have a problem relinquishing Muslim domination in 'Palestine'. It was conquered by Muslims and, as a religious imperative, can never be 'signed away'. This religious imperative must be quashed in relation to Israel otherwise the 'peace treaty' will come up for re-assessment every time that there is an upheaval in the Arab/Muslim world much the same as there is a political demand in Egypt at this moment to annul the peace accords signed with Israel in 1979.

    It cannot be compared to peace accords signed between European minded countries where the conditions are signed and sealed. This is the Middle East

  4. Anonymous,

    "This religious imperative must be quashed in relation to Israel" - and be replaced with a Judaic Zionist religious imperative.

  5. Well of course it is the only constant. It is the only thing constant in the arab world. If Israel did not exist the arabs would have to invent it.

    As current events unfold the blame Israel mantra just gets hollower and hollower. I wonder if these folks know how shabby they look dressed in it anymore.

    Syria is considered a sure thing for the next UN Human Rights Commision seat (no really, you cant make up stuff like this).

    You cant feed people a steady diet of raw sewage forever and expect a healthy outcome. What we are seeing now is a result of a foundation of lies and hatred finally exposed for the ugliness it is.


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