Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's HuffPo Informative Picture Choice

As Matt has mentioned, the Huffington Post has covered a new story about a new flotilla being planned (there's no guarantee it will still happen). I thought their choice of picture was informative, though:

So on the one hand the headline is also misleading, the activists aren't Palestinians they are Turks and others. They are pro-Palestinian (not really). The Associated Press headline makes that clear, while spinning a little bit themselves:
"Pro-Palestinian activists say a planned convoy of aid ships to the Gaza Strip will be twice as big as a similar flotilla that was raided a year ago by Israeli forces, leaving nine people dead on a Turkish boat."
Might have left out some key information there. But anyway I wanted to talk about the picture. I went and looked it up on Getty Images so it is in fact two Israeli Jews looking at the Mavi Marmara while it is in port at Ashdod. But I'm not sure why the Huffington Post felt it was necessary to include a picture of stereotypical Jews in an article that only tangentially had to do with the ultra-Orthodox. And this is not the first time they have done something like this. One would think that they would stick with general pictures of boats, like they have in the past. But I guess this time they felt it was necessary to remind their readers that Jews are involved.


  1. "So on the one hand the headline is also misleading, the activists aren't Palestinians they are Turks."

    On the other hand, your point is even more misleading:-

    "A 10th flotilla – promising to be the largest, with 15 ships carrying passengers from 12 European states as well as Latin America, Africa, Asia, Canada and the United States – is now being organized for a late May departure for Gaza. The passengers will include hundreds of peace advocates from around the world, including parliamentarians and human rights activists, and representatives of more than 40 media institutions."

  2. As Farid Gahdry points out, none of these so-called human rights activists and media journalists will sail to Syria, whose people are being massacred and oppressed by their own government.

    But I digress. The biggest threat to world peace today are Israel's Jews!

    Just don't call it anti-Semitism if the world focuses on them to the exclusion of real threats to human rights elsewhere.


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