Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Did You Learn Online Today? Video

And now, the Huffington Post Monitors proudly present, What Did You Learn Online Today?, based on "What Did You Learn In School Today?" by Tom Paxton. Music by Tom Paxton, lyrics by me and Zach, and vocals by my beautiful and talented girlfriend. I know we don't usually ask you the readers to crosspost, but we encourage you to share this video around, as I at least think it's pretty good.


  1. Matt/Zach
    Excellent! I hope that we'll continue to see more items like this, besides your keeping on top of the assorted characters at HP. B'Hatzlacha Rabba!
    (BTW, reposted to 16 favorite sites)

  2. Nice, I've seen it on Eoz and Cifwatch already!!!


  3. If your girlfriend is good looking, perhaps you will provide a pic to demonstrate it.

    Glad she has a talent. What is it?

    By the way.

    Isn't it accurate to say that you have plagiarized something that appeared in a HP thread, from someone who is not you or the other one, during the last week or 2?

  4. @Anonymous.

    To put it mildly, you are an ass.

    What kind of pleasure do you get from coming to someone's blog just to say nasty, hateful, spiteful things?
    And what kind of person derives pleasure from such a thing?

  5. "what kind of person derives pleasure from such a thing?"

    Zach 'n Matt, just to name 2.


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