Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MJ Rosenberg Changes His Tune (Again)

Hey, do you remember when MJ Rosenberg was accusing AIPAC of "intimidating Congress?" Or that time he thinks Congress needs to "free itself" from them? Or that not even the media is "free" from "the lobby's baleful influence?" Well, even if you don't remember any of that, you gotta remember this, we posted a link to it just yesterday:

So we got it, Mr. Rosenberg has made it very clear. Every single member of AIPAC and "the lobby" are traitors, fifth-columnists, Israel-firsters, you name. They aren't good people. That is, until President Obama's speech to them on Sunday. Let's ask Mr. Rosenberg how it went:
"And AIPAC accepted it, even applauded it. The right-wing meme was destroyed, as much by AIPAC's reaction as by Obama's explanation...And AIPACapplauded [sic]. Strongly....Bravo, Mr. President. You even brought out the best in AIPAC."
 Hooray! AIPAC are back on the side of the righteous again! And who would have imagined that all they needed to do was support the same politicians Mr. Rosenberg does and agree with the same policies as him!

More than anything else this article tells us how Mr. Rosenberg operates. If you don't agree with him (and by extension, his politicians) you are a dirty traitor who needs move back to Israel where you belong. If you agree with him, you're in the clear. It's an excellent blend of the anti-Semitic accusation of dual loyalty (and of course ZOG) and McCarthyism. Perhaps we should come up with a new term for what Mr. Rosenberg does: Rosenbergism, McCarthyism for Jews.

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  1. I have a feeling he's our Barry Lando.

    Not that gig's workin' for him!


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