Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MJ Rosenberg Doesn't Hide It Anymore

I know we've been posting a lot about MJ Rosenberg lately, but his latest article is just so ridiculous that it needed to be shared. He saw Netanyahu's speech to Congress the other day, along with some of the reactions from those Congresspeople, and it clearly threw him into a kind of rage. I could talk about all the complaints he throws at Netanyahu, and Obama, and the Palestinians, and so forth. But instead I'll just show you all the ways he implies that the Jews run America, I mean AIPAC controls Congress. Emphasis mine:
"It was as if it believes that it can shout its lungs out for Netanyahu (and thereby secure those campaign contributions from AIPAC), without any consequences to U.S. policy and national interests in the Arab world."
"And AIPAC, using the leverage its campaign contributions gives it, would hold Obama's feet to the fire too."

"The good news is that, although Congress is in Netanyahu's pocket, the Obama administration isn't."

"And they can send a signal to our allies that although the United States cannot openly oppose Bibi's policies because of Congress -- and AIPAC's control of it -- the allies can."
Sooner or later, Mr. Rosenberg's endless accusations of Jewish control of America is going to catch up with him. Except that he won't be the one to suffer for it, the American Jews that he pretends to care about will pay the price for his inflammatory rhetoric. Will he even notice?

PS: As one of the HuffPosters pointed out, AIPAC isn't a PAC (despite the name). It doesn't give campaign contributions. Nice on, Mr. Rosenberg.


  1. Yup. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg couldn't be bothered to notice AIPAC is a lobby group, not a political action committee - it doesn't donate to political parties.

    American Jews have every right to lobby the federal government just as Americans do. You don't see Rosenberg take issue with the influence of other special interests on the US government.

    Why the obsession with AIPAC?

  2. I don't fault you for writing so much about MJR.I can't escape his columns.They are everywhere.


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