Thursday, May 5, 2011

MJ Rosenberg's Hypocrisy

Do you remember when MJ Rosenberg wrote this:
"The ADL, AJC, Conference of Presidents, and the other "mainsteam" organizations are no longer Jewish organizations, let alone civil rights organizations. They are entirely about defending any and all Israeli policies and, to buttress that goal, demonizing Muslims."
Or this?
"The fact is that neither the ADL or its twin, the American Jewish Committee (the other old, established Jewish anti-discrimination organization) has been about opposing bigotry or even anti-Semitism for at least a decade."
Or this?
"Rightwing pro-Israel organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee -- have set the stage for the anti-Muslim hysteria by demonizing Muslims for decades, with the goal of advancing their Middle East agenda."
Though he would later take back his strong words toward Abraham Foxman and the ADL, this kind of rhetoric is very informative. I was inspired to write this because of his latest article, about the ADL vs Mike Huckabee. If you don't know who that is, he's a very right-wing potential candidate for President of the USA. Although Rosenberg's title is "ADL Blasts Huckabee, Bachmann For Holocaust Exploitation," there isn't much praise for the ADL within.

If you are interested in reading the article you can, but in short these conservative politicians have been criticized by the ADL for saying offensive things such as comparing tax policies to the Holocaust. As for Huckabee, he is an evangelical Christian who according to Rosenberg and the ADL supports Israel for his own reasons, and not for any love of the state or the Jews. I for one am inclined to agree with them about that.

So where does the hypocrisy come in? Well, at this point Rosenberg has made it pretty clear that when the ADL is criticizing people like Glenn Beck or Huckabee, they are "good." When they are criticizing Muslims or Israel's enemies, they are "bad." And of course when they are "good" they got a nod of the head and when they are "bad" they get slanderous freakouts like the kind quoted above.

We have known that Mr. Rosenberg is a liberal, and a proud one. It's pretty much been determined that he is left-wing as well. But as far as I can tell, he is the only Huffington Post blogger who flip-flops like this: Slandering with accusations of treason people who disagree with him, only to change his mind as soon as they say something he likes. For someone who accuses everyone else of having an "agenda," his is clear: Up with the liberals, down with the conservatives. Obviously included in the "liberals" label includes Muslims and critics of Israel, while "conservatives" include people who are pro-Israel, or as he would call them, "pro-occupation."

Remember how he found it so very, very offensive when Glenn Beck used anti-Jewish pejoratives? Silly Beck, he should have known better: If you are going to accuse Jews of disloyalty, treason, or any of the other common anti-Semitic motifs, you have to be a liberal! Or MJ Rosenberg, of course. Then he'll give you a free pass.

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  1. MJR hates anti-semitism. He just doesn't consider being anti-Israel to be anti-semitic. I don't either.


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