Thursday, May 19, 2011

Robert Naiman Plays the Victim

Robert Naiman is back again, milking this whole "I'm going on the flotilla" thing for all he's worth. What has happened is that Representative Jan Schakowsky from Illinois has signed a letter encouraging Turkey not to allow a flotilla to go to Gaza again. Apparently this bothered Mr. Naiman so much that he needed to write an article about the flotillas, in which he makes some informative comments. We'll start with this one:
"The feedback that Turkey got from the region following last year's flotilla was: you rock. Arabs were coming to demonstrations carrying pictures of the Turkish Prime Minister. Not only was this high praise for Turkey, it was an obvious reproach to all the Arab leaders: Turkey is doing something about the blockade of Gaza, and you're not doing anything."
We see the flotilla two-step in action. On the one hand, it was a terrible awful tragedy that these people died boo hoo hoo hoo hoo. On the other, wasn't it such a good thing that they died! Go Turkey go! Maybe this time we can get twice as many people killed! Wouldn't that be fantastic? What an excellent devotion to human life these flotilliers and Mr. Naiman have. Of course, I also think it is interesting that yet again the Arab states need to look to somebody else to solve their supposed problems for them. I guess not even Mr. Naiman has yet figured out that the Arab states really couldn't care less about the Palestinians except for the propaganda value.

And then he says something really obvious:
"So, if the letter's authors have any sense at all, they are trying to do something else with their letter besides move the Turkish government. Presumably, they are hoping to discredit the flotilla politically, so that if Israeli authorities use violence against the flotilla, their supporters will feel free to say: "they had it coming.""
Well, gee Mr. Naiman. I don't know. When some of the "activists" were actively admitting that they wanted to die as martyrs, and when many of them stab soldiers half to death and then beat the rest of iron bars and pipes, you don't need a freaking letter to draw the conclusion that they did, in fact, have it coming. Just imagine that they treated the US Coast Guard in this manner and I have feeling that Mr. Naiman and his friends would be singing a different tune. And finally we get to the title of this post, wherein Mr. Naiman plays the sad, oppressed (but righteous) victim:
"So, Jan, I have to ask you: do you consider me to be a "provocation"?
If Israeli authorities kill me, will you say that the action was justified?"
Yeah, Mr. Naiman, you are. You freely admitted in your last article that this was never about helping the people of Gaza but was instead about breaking the blockade and bringing "justice for the Palestinians." You know this, we know this, everybody knows this, so do me a favor and don't pretend that it is not. If you want to help the people of Gaza, follow the rules and send the aid through Egypt. If you want the two sides to make peace so the blockade is no longer necessary, then take steps that will facilitate peace. But you know that running a blockade is an act of war, and you know that it is a violation of international law. If you get in trouble for it, don't look to me for sympathy, you won't get any.

Which of course brings us to his last line, which is rather disturbing. I cannot help but wonder if Mr. Naiman wants to be killed by the Israelis so that he will finally go down in history as a "martyr" for his cause to destroy Israel. We certainly get the expectation from his articles that he expects that will happen, even though 99% of the people who have been on these flotillas have made it out alive. Maybe in the future we'll be seeing Mr. Naiman on one of those videos stabbing a knife into the chest of an IDF soldier or swinging an iron bar with all his strength. But I bet even then he would still call it "non violent resistance."

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