Sunday, May 15, 2011

Robert Naiman Supports Terrorism

We have been following the writing of Robert Naiman for a while as he has blogged on the Huffington Post. He has always been antagonistic toward Israel and sympathetic to the Palestinians, to the point of promoting Palestinian propaganda, but he has appeared to do so in an academic, fact-based way. Even though I didn't always agree with him, I always thought that he came to his conclusions through analysis and not obvious politics. Boy was I wrong! Because Naiman has thrown down the gauntlet and declared himself to be fully on the side of those who want Israel destroyed, as he declares in his latest article:
"Now an even larger flotilla, with the participation of more ships and more activists from more countries -- including, crucially, the U.S. ship Audacity of Hope -- is preparing to set sail in June. And -- God willing -- when the Audacity of Hope sets sail, I will be on it."
Still, at least Naiman is doing what the anti-Zionist brigade on the Huffington Post can only dream about, which is actually doing something to help the Hamas terrorists he loves so dearly. Of course, what is interesting is that breaking the blockade is an act of war, and the US does recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization, so technically Mr. Naiman could be breaking American law with his plan. But that is getting away from the article itself and more into the details of the flotilla situation, so let's get back to what Mr. Naiman had to say. I'll begin by him miscontruing what the flotilla is all about:
"We engage in this voyage because the world, having accepted and even embraced the right of self-determination of Egyptians and Tunisians, cannot any longer deny this right to the Palestinians."
Hm. Interesting. So one the one hand he claims that this is about "self-determination" (even though he obviously doesn't know what self-determination means) but then he goes on to complain about the living situation of the people in Gaza. Which is it, Mr. Naiman? Are you there for the "rights" of the Gazans, or to help them survive? 

Even crazier, is that it sounds like he wants people to get killed:
"I can say with absolute confidence that everyone on the American boat is committed to nonviolence; if I were not confident of that, I would not go. If the Israeli authorities attempt to seize our boat, we may engage in nonviolent resistance, but we will not attack anyone and we will neither have nor use any form of weapon. If Israeli authorities attack us physically, the world will know that the Israeli authorities attacked unarmed Americans who were not a threat to anyone."
Guess which one he is hoping will happen? Still, it is good that he is on record to declare that his fellow terrorist supporters won't be stabbing any soldiers. We'll see if that turns out to be the truth.

In short, the rest of the article is the usual selective facts about Gaza that we have seen many times from their supporters and propagandists. For a change, he does mention that Egypt has promised to open the Rafah crossing, but is also quick to point out that they have not done so. On the other hand, he cites old reports about "a shortage of construction materials" (citing the Guardian of course), and ignores the breaking news that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Like other Palestinian supporters, he instead concentrates on talking points while ignoring the larger context: For example, he moans about lack of arable land and the closing of businesses while expecting us to believe that all of this translates into some kind of unique injustice in the world. Which given the situation in Egypt, Libya and Syria, is quite hypocritical. But of course that has always been the way of the flotilla organizers, as Naiman himself mentioned above, this has never been about supplying the Gazans with anything.

Also informative is that he complains about two Gazans, Nasma Abu Lasheen and Anas Saleh, who died because they didn't get into Israel for life-saving medical care. How terrible. But of course what that means is that it is normal for Gazans to go to Israel for medical treatment, and it happens on a daily basis. I know because I met someone here who assists with that. Again, some blockade. I guess we'll conclude with some of Mr. Naiman's pro-terrorist rhetoric:
"But beyond all this, our goal is not merely to end the siege of Gaza once and for all, but to add to political pressure for a resolution of the conflict that brings justice for the Palestinians. The fact that there is other increasing pressure in this direction makes this an even more appropriate time to take action."
"Justice" for the Palestinians. Doesn't that sound familiar.

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