Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ariel Gonzalez Gets on Board

Ariel Gonzalez is a Huffington Post blogger who usually writes about politics rather than foreign policy matters. After a history of articles in which he says that Christopher Hithchens a "narcissistic manchild," Sarah Palin is a fascist, and that Republicans want to [censored] Ronald Reagan, he has returned with an article sarcastically titled "Infallible Israel." In his incredibly long stream-of-consciousness style rant, he hits all the requisite "criticisms" of Israel and its supporters. Let's go through them now, shall we?
"But this "tiny oasis" is in fact a mini-superpower with advanced technology, a legendary defense force, and a sizable nuclear arsenal." [Strength two-step]
"And yet, as wasteful and tragic as these terrorist acts are, they do not constitute an existential threat to the Jewish state as a whole....The same cannot be said of the settlements in the West Bank and the punitive siege of Gaza" [Israel's efforts to protect her citizens are more of a threat to her than external enemies. No, it doesn't make sense.]
"A crossroads moments is looming for this parliamentary republic: it must enfranchise the nearly four million Palestinians who reside in the occupied territories, or admit to false advertising" [The boilerplate false dilemma]
"The settler movement has made a two-state solution impracticable."
 "Netanyahu thinks he can get away with treating the president like traif..." [Disagreement = insult, but only in one direction.]
 "[Congress stays quiet] lest the wrath of AIPAC and Fox News be incurred. Thus the pro-Israel lobby inhibits frank and reasonable discussion."
Okay you get the idea. He hits all the usual talking points: That it's mostly Israel's fault, that the Jews control Congress, that Israel is the only one who can fix the situation (but won't), and so forth. Admittedly, he is not as extreme as some other bloggers that we have seen. For instance he condemns the terror attacks and Arab aggression, while at the same time dismissing them as "in the past" or "not an existential threat." 

There are only a couple of things that make his article different from the usual stuff we see churned out on a weekly basis on the Huffington Post. The first is that he talks about a new book called "If Israel Lost the War," which is about the greater ramifications of if Israel had not won in 1967. Here's a spoiler: The Palestinians are happy but not anyone else. Mr. Gonzalez dismisses it as "not realistic" because it hypothesizes that President Johnson would just sit back and let Israel fall. Maybe, maybe not. Of course if you look at the link, you'll see that it came out in 1969, so I'm not sure why Mr. Gonzalez is writing about it today. Well actually it's because of his other topic.

Mr. Gonzalez at this point starts throwing around judgments about the Jews' relationship to the world, naturally citing other people like Philip Roth and David Mamet while ignoring those who don't agree with his point. And of course in the end should things fall apart, the Jews will only have themselves to blame. Yes sir:
"Heaven help Israel if Jewish morality is ever replaced with an unbridled will to power. Then the Third Temple will fall. But a foreign enemy will not be to blame. No, this time it will be brought down by the misguided ardency of its champions."
So really when it comes down to it the only thing original in this article is Mr. Gonzalez's ability to dig up obscure books from 40 years ago and criticize them. Well, it'll get you onto the Huffington POst I guess.

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  1. NPR must not send its “persona non grata” memos all the way to Miami Dade Community College. Seymour Hersh and David Mamet are OUT for being counter revolutionaries.

    He should stick with picture books
    LIT 2480: The Graphic Novel
    This course will explore the genre of the graphic novel as it relates to ethnic identity and the impact of superhero myths on popular culture.



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