Friday, June 3, 2011

Joseph Grieboski Turns Over Rocks

Huffington Post blogger Joseph K. Grieboski is a prominent figure in their religion section. In a very Huffinton Post-ish move, he has recently published an article taking Israel to task for something that they haven't done. Not only that, but the story he is writing about is incredibly obscure, to the point where I could find only one newspaper article about it. Let's hear it from Mr. Grieboski first:
"On May 23, 2011, the Israeli Special Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs Task Force on minority religious groups presented its report to the Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs, Moshe Kahlon. The Report derogatorily grouped together as so-called "cults" or "sects" approximately 80 belief systems and contains a blueprint for systematic, government-fueled intolerance directed at minority religious communities throughout Israel."
At which point he takes Israel to task for being a democracy and yet still allowing this, and course "human rights" shows up too. Now let's go to an actual newspaper and see what it has to say:
"The government must create comprehensive legislation to combat the phenomenon of cults in Israel and provide a clearer definition of what constitutes cult activity, a report published Monday by a special Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs task force has recommended.

"Authored by the team of professionals that dealt with the fallout of Israel’s largest cult to date – that headed by Tel Aviv polygamist Goel Ratzon – the 48-page report focuses on four main areas: preventive action, therapeutic intervention, legislation and government involvement."
And why did they publish this report? Because of the discovery of the Goel Ratzon cult, who had 17 wives and 39 children. Now obviously the best way to figure out who is correct would be to find the report itself and look, but I believe that it is only in Hebrew. 

That being said, I don't think that Mr. Grieboski wrote this because he was trying to make Israel look bad. I think he had a larger point about classifying religions that he wanted to make, and took the opportunity that was presented to him. Still, the Huffington Post was more than happy to publish it.

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  1. Just recently it was exposed that Grieboski is actually an agent for the Scientologists, which explains his supposed concern.
    is the Village Voice story on him and
    the story on Scientology in Israel.


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