Monday, June 6, 2011

MJ Rosenberg Back, Nothing New

MJ Rosenberg is back, but because it's a slow news day, he is forced to go all the way back to the 1980's to to find "proof" that the Jews AIPAC controls America. This time it is a supposed letter from Senator Levin to Yitzhak Shamir criticizing him for a statement that he made. Although according to Rosenberg "all hell broke loose" in AIPAC's criticisim of Levin for this, there is hardly any information about it online, and what little there is comes from...MJ Rosenberg. So although this might mean that Rosenberg has an inside story about the goings on there, I know that I am years away from simply taking him at his word. Unfortunately, there is not one link in his articles that might serve to back up his words.

Jonathan Chait has a response to his original article, in which he points out that although AIPAC of yesterday criticized Levin, nothing actually happened to him. Rosenberg's response? "Chait has a point." Very good, he is learning. Except that after this he launches into the standard issue Rosenberg diatribe in which he makes a lot of ridiculous assertions with no attempt to back them up? Let's count the lies, shall we?
"AARP and every other power lobby one can name...advocate for U.S. interests, as it sees them. AIPAC, on the other hand, gets its direction from a foreign government. If the Israeli government decides it will give up, say, downtown Hebron, AIPAC will say the same almost immediately."
So assuming of course that his characterization of AIPAC is actually true, so what? Once again Rosenberg is condescending and insulting by assuming that AIPAC doesn't support US interests. For that matter, let's take a look at AIPAC's website, shall we? If you click around, you will see that AIPAC cares not about the tiny issues but the big ones, like that the US and Israel get along and of course Iran. Which they feel are both in America's interests. What I left out of the quote above is that Rosenberg described the NRA as representing millions of "gun enthusiasts," so they're okay. Apparently Americans can be gun enthusiasts but not Zionists. Furthermore, as one Huffington Poster pointed out, Rosenberg said in his article that "AIPAC's basic foreign policy position was that peace would come when the Palestinians recognized Israel." How can that be if they only take direction from Israel?
"Two, members of Congress criticize these powerful lobbies all the time. And doing so does not make page one of the New York Times, while Levin's mild call on Shamir to support Israel's own official position did.... AIPAC is the only lobby that both Democrats and Republics fear challenging."
 Assuming that this is true, and we don't even know if this supposed article on the NYT actually happened, that doesn't prove that AIPAC somehow controls Congress. AIPAC has a point of view, the NRA has a point of view, and Rosenberg has a point of view. Just because AIPAC's views are more popular does not mean that there is any foul play involved. As usual, this is simply Rosenberg making assertions without any evidence.
"There is no other lobby in Washington, not one, that has that kind of power.....What I experienced in 1988 was nothing. Woe to the senator or Senate aide who even imagines such a thing today."
Boo hoo hoo. We get it, the Jews control America. As long as Rosenberg keeps saying the same thing over and over and over, he'll keep getting paid. And the Huffington Post will keep printing it. Most likely he will never need to face the consequences of his actions, his fellow Jews will instead.

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