Sunday, June 26, 2011

MJ Rosenberg is Boring Me

MJ Rosenberg is not exactly well known for his variety of subjects. He says the same thing every time, just with slightly minor variations in tone and emotion. Usually he tries to work his rants about AIPAC into some kind of news story, whether it is related to his subject or not. In his latest article, he tries to take on the delegitimization movement of Israel, and it fails hilariously.

As you are probably not surprised to hear, he denies that there are even people who are trying to delegitimize Israel in the first place, and still clings to the obvious untruth that there are only "critics" of Israel's "occupation." Apparently he doesn't read much Ahmed Moor or Sharmine Narwani. But even more amusing is that even though he denies that Israel can be delegitimized, he also blames Netanyahu for it. Sound crazy? Read his words for yourself:
"The whole concept of "delegitimization" seems archaic. Israel achieved its "legitimacy" when the United Nations recognized it 63 years ago....In that context, the whole idea of "delegitimizing" Israel sounds silly. Israel can't be delegitimized.[Later]"The leading delegitimizer is Binyamin Netanyahu, whose contemptuous rejection of peace is turning Israel into an international pariah."
Right, so Israel can't be delegitimized, except by people that MJ Rosenberg doesn't like. I think it's fairly obvious here that Rosenberg just doesn't know what "delegitimize" actually means, nor is particularly inclined to know. To him it is just another talking point upon which to throw his usual garbage. I am not even going to bother proving Mr. Rosenberg wrong about the existence of the delegitimization movement, as anyone with half a brain and an understanding of what the "Zionism is racism" slogan means should be able to figure that out on his or her own.

I'll just highlight again Mr. Rosenberg's endless refrain: that the Jews controlling America:
"Sure, Netanyahu received an embarrassing number of standing ovations when he spoke before the United States Congress. But that demonstrates nothing except the power of the lobby....The only thing we learned (yet again) from Netanyahu's reception by Congress is that money talks. What else is new?"
Indeed, the Jews control America through their Jew money. What else is new indeed?
"Israel's problem is the occupation, the Israeli government that defends it, and the lobby that enforces support for it in Congress and the White House." 
When it comes to MJ Rosenberg, there is nothing new. Just the same old conspiracy theories. I guess not even the Huffington Post is sick of it yet.


  1. Yes he is boring me too. One can only hope he will be on a flotilla ship...

  2. send him an email there will be doughnuts on board, then stand back!

  3. How can you both be obsessed with MJR and bored by him at the same time. Stalkers can't claim to be bored by the person they are watching nonstop.

  4. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg is a one trick pony. He isn't even worth the waste of bandwidth on the HP!

  5. "He isn't even worth the waste of bandwidth on the HP!"

    Strange then, that his articles are quoted in full, and have additional comment added to them, thus taking up even more bandwidth, here.

    The obsession with MJR and SN here is very revealing.

  6. In logical order:
    1. HP Monitor covers anti-Israel/anti-Semitic/generally hypocritical or false stories that appear on the HP.
    2. There are a lot of HP articles that touch some or all of these bases, particularly the first two categories.
    3. MJR and SN are two of the most prolific HP writers when it comes to producing the kinds of posts from item #2.
    4. MJR and SN tend to wave bloody shirts, omit key information, bemoan the fact that anyone would dare to disagree with their less-than-brilliant analysis, and ascribe to said dissenters the most scabrous knee-jerk diagnoses of calumny. HP Monitor thus gives them a great deal of legitimately critical attention.
    5. Look at it this way, MJR and SN are no better or worse than Ahmed Moor or Robert Niaman; the former two simply have diarrhea of the keyboard, with the latter two often seeming type-constipated.
    6. In conclusion, the obsession here, from the macro of their whole approach to the micro of the MJRs and SNs, comes from the HP. HP Monitor simply notices this and comments on it for posterity's sake. That's going to continue as long as the site runners want it to. And it should.


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