Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Posters: Palestine Is Not A Liberal Cause

I had an idea last night that I decided to run with for a new poster series that would directly address the idea that while fighting from "oppression" may be a liberal idea, if you as a liberal are supporting the Palestinians, you may want to look for someone else to help.

I thought this was an effective message because it is clear that if you judge the Palestinians' choice in leadership and values on an absolute scale, they are simply not worthy of liberal support and these posters illustrate that succinctly.

I'm definitely willing to hear any constructive criticism you may have and feel free to crosspost (with acknowledgement of course).


  1. These are excellent posters. Keep going.

  2. On the right track.

    Its always confused me how someone could be a "Progressive" and support the fascist, backward and decided unProgressive Muslims. Especially in the area of British Mandate Palestine, which is contain some of the most conservative and anti-liberal Muslim folk one can possible imagine.

    I think there is a good term for it, 'PEP' - Progressive except when it comes to Palestine

  3. Good going, Matt... we need these and many more. Keep it up. I will fwd to sites and people I think would value them.

  4. Tee Shirts!!!!!!

  5. They are not, frankly, and in view of the fact that I feel sure you checked them over a thousand times before you posted them, very well done.

    In the unlikely event that you have one, don't give up your day job.

  6. Hi everyone! I just finished up my day job a few hours ago and wanted to say my peace. Not only is an enormous part of the Palestinian cause as close to genuine liberal values as horseshit is to roast beef, but it's great to once again be reminded that the Far-Left is a soul brother to the extreme Right (neo-Nazis and their ilk) and a bastard cousin to liberalism. The Far Left, though, should take comfort in knowing that no one made them into complete idiots, and that they did that very efficiently by themselves.

  7. The "PEP" (Progressive except when it comes to "Palestine") mentality is actually an example of blatant racism. Basically, these white middle class western "liberals" are excusing Arab racism, homophobia, sexism etc. They excuse it by pretending to "respect" "different cultures," "no such thing as wrong and right" (cultural relativism) etc. But basically they are really saying that non-white non-western societies are too primitive and stupid to be held accountable to the same universal standards of human society that the west holds itself to!

  8. Keep pounding away at the two primary themes of Gays and Women. So called progressives cannot reconcile supporting those who are diametrically opposed to Gay rights and coming from a different universe regarding women's rights. These are fundamentals of Progressives. Just keep showing different examples of these two issues and the hypocrisy of calling yourself a Liberal while supporting the most reactionary behavior.

  9. Did you guys know that Native Americans also did not have equal rights for women and gays?

    Yet they were the still the good guys just like the Palestinians

    1. Your comment reveals the ignorance that is typical of Israel haters.

      First of all, you are assuming that in the Middle East Palestinian Arabs are the equivalent of Native Americans. This is simply incorrect. Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. Palestinian Arabs mostly arrived in the past several hundred years from neighboring regions, and had absolutely no national consciousness until about 50 years ago.

      Second of all, the point here is not merely that Palestinian Arab society fails to give equal rights to people. It is that they are pretty much the worst, most illiberal society on Earth.


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