Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once Again, the HuffPo Takes a Side

In case we had any doubt that the editors of the Huffington Post were firmly on the side of those who want to wipe Israel off the map (including those who they have in their blogger stable) all we need to do is look at the choice of flotilla-related articles that they chose to publish. We'll start with blog posts in the last week alone.

  1. First up we have Medea Benjamin who once again hits all the usual anti-Zionist talking points, waves the bloody shirt, and pimps the corpse of Martin Luther King Jr. in her efforts to help Hamas fight a terror war against Israel.
  2. Then there is Kathy Kelly working as a PR shill for the flotilla. If you really need an update on all the usual ridiculousness surrounding the flotilla's point of view, you can check out her article but I feel no need to repeat what she has to say.
  3. Next there is Robert Naiman's op-ed in which he finally comes clean that he is, in fact, "naive." He also continues to cling to the illusion that his fellow flotilliers are "peace activists" and not intent on destroying Israel the way his friends do. He then proceeded to write two more in two days on pretty much the same subject.
  4. Finally we have Democracy Now which basically functions as a straight up mouthpiece of the flotilliers.

And of course this is ignoring the seemingly endless Robert Naiman ego trip articles leading up to all of this. Now I wouldn't mind the appearance of three pro-flotilla blogs if they were counterbalanced by at least one anti-flotilla blog. But as we learned, David Harris was censored to keep that from happening. What Huffington Post bias?

Next up we have actual articles about the flotilla itself:
  1. First we have a ridiculously backwards article in which Israel threatend to bar journalists from the flotilla, then changed their mind, and it was the decision to back down that got covered by the HuffPo. Sort of like the Jerusalem court rumor that was only published after it was debunked. 
  2. Then there was an article about Avigdor Lieberman saying that the flotilla activists "want blood." The quote was not the main point of his speech but nonetheless that's what got moved to the top of the HuffPo. Naturally this led to a lot of hate against Israel and Lieberman himself.
Again, it was not so much the choice of articles but what didn't get posted. The news that there would be less than 300 people on the flotilla wasn't covered, nor were the many warnings toward the flotilla by the US government. Stories about the flotilla running into trouble weren't covered either. It seems clear that only a certain point of view toward the flotilla is allowed on the Huffington Post. We're used to an anti-Israel bias, but it's not usually this blatant. I wonder what changed.

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