Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Robert Naiman Exploits Jews and Judaism to Help Hamas

Robert Naiman just can't shut up about this flotilla thing, after having declared himself to be their spokesperson. His new article doesn't have much new to say on the subject, with two major exceptions. According to the NYT and Naiman, the U.S. boat to Gaza is 25% Jewish (which means that there are actually less than 10). Whether they are practicing Jews or Chomsky-ish Jews is left unclear, but that doesn't stop Mr. Naiman from pimping his token Jews for all he is worth:
"What does it mean that the U.S. Boat to Gaza is a quarter Jewish? Maybe it means that the Israeli authorities will have some compunction about shooting up our boat."
Boo hoo hoo, poor victim. Naiman has to be the last blogger on the HuffPo who still believes that the Israelis used their weapons for no reason at all last year. He also must have ignored the inconvenient fact that none of the other people on the boats who weren't seeking to die as martyrs were shot. As we will see in his next paragraph, his connection to reality is not a strong one:
"What does it mean that the U.S. Boat to Gaza is a quarter Jewish? Maybe it means that we can openly contest a construction of Jewish identity based on supporting the obstruction of Palestinian freedom, with a Jewish counter-narrative of universal human liberation."
As usual, his token Jews are taken to the extreme levels of wishful thinking on the part of Naiman and his terrorist-helping friends. It's actually incredibly arrogant for him to think that American Jews are going to construct their identity around people who want to kill them, and in fact it's pretty insulting to the millions upon millions of American Jews who support Israel and don't want to help Hamas. What it really comes down to is that Naiman was able to find a few Jews who agree with him (not exactly a challenge) and though he would run with it far beyond what it is actually worth. But just in case this article isn't ridiculous enough, here is one more, as Naiman's story changes yet again:
" We're not trying to make aliyah. We just want to visit. Should we be shot for trying to do so? Wouldn't it be a mitzvah to let us pass unharmed?"
Visit? VISIT?! Shall we go back and look at what Mr. Naiman's has said about why the flotilla is going? I think we shall. First he said this:
"We engage in this voyage because the world, having accepted and even embraced the right of self-determination of Egyptians and Tunisians, cannot any longer deny this right to the Palestinians."
 And then he said this:
"But beyond all this, our goal is not merely to end the siege of Gaza once and for all, but to add to political pressure for a resolution of the conflict that brings justice for the Palestinians. The fact that there is other increasing pressure in this direction makes this an even more appropriate time to take action."
"Justice" for the Palestinians is a common code word for punishing Israel. We all know this. And then Naiman said this was why he was going:
"The issue with the blockade is not the Israeli right of self-defense against armed attack. This right is not in serious international dispute. The issue in dispute is the deliberate punishment of civilians, and denial of their freedom."
And finally we have this:
"And that's why it's so important that another international flotilla is sailing to Gaza in the third week of June, to protest the blockade. It's time to open all the crossings, not just Rafah."
So in the relatively short time that Mr. Naiman has been acting as a propagandist for this flotilla of fools, he has changed his story many times. First it was about self-determination, then "freedom," then consumer goods, then not consumer goods, then to end the blockade, then to open all the crossings, then about "justice for the Palestinians."

Is there really any doubt at this point that the Huffington Post is playing host to a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel ideologue? And, since helping Hamas and breaking blockade is illegal under American law, a criminal? But then again, we know that the Huffington Post will take just about anyone if they are anti-Israel enough. Mr. Naiman more than fits the bill.


  1. "Is there really any doubt at this point that the Huffington Post is playing host to a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel ideologue?"

    10:22 AM: If I take a look at the "HuffPost Social News" section, just above the comment section, it reads:

    "commented (40) Read (10)
    "17 o 14f your friend Commented on this article <1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13>

    About 12 out of those 40 comments, made it to post. All of which are totally benign, nothing sort of comments. I attempted to post 6 comments, only one made it through. That now makes it only 12 comments out of 46 that were posted.

    What is Mr. Naiman afraid of? Why are most opposing views being silenced? More proof of HuffPo "playing host to a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel ideologue.

  2. I made one of the first comments, the third one, it was deleted completely. I claimed they are not helping a terror org because Hamas is a regime now, not an org.
    I wrote a new comment saying they are helping Hamas. It's still up there.

  3. I think it's becoming extremely obvious that the Flotilla never had "peaceful" intentions and I believe Israel has every right to defend themselves. I would like to invite you to check out my page, Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards Gaza http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prevent-the-IHH-Flotilla-Towards-Gaza/117646254988615

    I appreciate your support.


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