Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Lies Through Her Teeth

Here's one of Sharmine Narwani's comments, posted in the thread Zach mentioned yesterday:

For anyone who is aware of actual history,  Israel signed a peace treaty with Jordan on October 26, 1994 which clearly laid out the borders between Israel and Jordan. According to Wiki, "The treaty specified and fully recognized the international border between Israel and Jordan. Upon its signing, the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers, the Dead Sea, the Emek Ha'arva/Wadi Araba and the Gulf of Aqaba were officially designated as the borders between Israel and Jordan, and the border between Jordan and the territory occupied by Israel in 1967".

Likewise, Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt on March 26, 1979, which, according to Wiki again, "created an officially recognized international border along the 1906 line, with Egypt renouncing all claims to the Gaza Strip. " And as Zach has just reminded us, Israel also declared a border with Gaza in 2005.

Why is the Huffington Post giving voice to a propagandist who is either incredibly dishonest or astonishingly ignorant? 

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  1. Sharmine Narwani and the Anti-Zios know full well Israel has clearly defined borders with Egypt, Jordan, Gaza and Lebanon.

    But they won't let the hoary myth of Israel in search of Arab lebensraum be laid to rest. Even though its clearly contradicted by history and Israel's behavior.

    Then again, on all matters relating to the Middle East, its not the truth Narwani and her ilk seek to establish.

  2. It was my short comment that set her off.
    This woman is teaching people in Oxford university?

  3. "Why is the Huffington Post giving voice to a propagandist who is either incredibly dishonest or astonishingly ignorant? "

    Narwani and her husband are close personal friends with Arianna Huffington. I think that about says everything that needs to be said
    as to why.

  4. "incredibly dishonest or astonishingly ignorant"
    describes huffpo's target audience.

  5. For this new post about ADC they closed the comments after less than a day:


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