Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharmine Narwani's Hypocrisy

Like the ideologue that she is, Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani has remained absolutely silent on the massacres of civilians in Syria by Assad's government, yet has miraculously woken up from her slumber to complain about Israel some more. I guess because it is a rule in her contract that she is not allowed to criticize her fellow Arabs...unless they are pro-US governments of course. What is remarkable about her latest article about the border clashes in the Golan is how often she contradicts herself. Her lies start right from the beginning, when she continues to characterize the Syrias as mere "protesters" who are "unarmed," but what else is new. She also ignores Israel's use of tear gas and warning shots before using live fire. Let's show some examples of her hypocrisy and contradictions:
"The deflection argument: "We believe that the Syrian regime is focusing the world's attention on the border with Israel instead of what is happening there," said another military spokesperson."
[Eight paragraphs later]
"It is hard to reconcile this suddenly sovereignty-conscious Israel with the nation that violates Lebanon's territorial integrity every single day in illegal overflights into sovereign Lebanese airspace -- sometimes up to a dozen times a day, over all parts of the country, in defiance of UN resolutions and warnings."
Right. Only Narwani can deflect onto irrelevant issues. Notice how devoted she is to the welfare of the Syrian people, by the way.
"Defend itself against what exactly? Unarmed civilians who walk over a long-peaceful armistice line into territory that is legally viewed as Syrian to enjoy a cup of coffee with old friends?"
[Twelve paragraphs earlier]
"One particularly determined fellow -- 28-year-old Hassan Hijazi who was galvanized by a Facebook group to join the protests -- even decided to visit his parent's old house in Jaffa"
I wasn't aware that Jaffa was legally viewed as Syrian.
"On Sunday, around 1,000 unarmed civilians marched to the ceasefire line between Syria and the Golan Heights to protest Israel's occupation of Arab lands following the 1967 war."
[Ten paragraphs later]
"Defend itself against what exactly? Unarmed civilians who walk over a long-peaceful armistice line into territory that is legally viewed as Syrian to enjoy a cup of coffee with old friends?"
What was that? Are they protesting, Ms. Narwani, or are they "going home?" Of course, neither is correct, they are invading and in the process breaking an armistice.
"Hours later, in the worst bloodshed since the 1973 war between Israel and Syria, up to 23 civilians were dead and hundreds wounded after Israeli troops opened live fire on the protesters."
[Eleven paragraphs later]
"The it-wasn't-us argument: "A Syrian mine exploded, seemingly because Molotov cocktails thrown at (Israeli) forces started a bush fire which caused the explosion of the mine, a number of mines even," an Israeli army spokeswoman said -- ostensibly blaming the deaths on mines and not IDF bullets."
This one may not be as obvious: The only place that we are getting the casualty figures from are is the Syrian state news agency, and considering the honesty of the Syrian government and news services, that isn't saying much. The Red Cross has not confirmed their numbers. But of course, Dignity Rockets saves her skepticism for the Jews and not for the mass murdering Assad regime.

That's it for the hypocrisy and contradictions but Narwani still has more ridiculous lies to tell. I am going to ignore her false characterization of the protesters as innocent victims, because we all know very well by now that they are not. Check this out:
"That makes Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu no different than Libya's Muammar Gaddafi, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Syria's Bashar al Assad, Bahrain's Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Tunisia's Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh -- and other autocrats still waiting their turn."
Don't be silly, Ms. Narwani. Of course he is different! If he were an Arab like all of them, you would stay silent and complicit in his war crimes too! We know very well how you operate by this point. You haven't had much to say about Assad, despite the hundreds of people that he has killed, because you are an ethnocentrist who can never criticize your fellow Arabs.
"As the Palestinian nonviolence movement grows in leaps and bounds, Israelis are faced with a real dilemma: what to do in the face of unarmed protesters who are demanding rights that are backed to the hilt by international law?"
Propagandists like Ms. Narwani are used to getting their own way as long as they falsify facts and use the term "international law" a lot. But there is a reason why the UN has not gotten involved in this latest clash between Jews and Arabs, and have only performed their usual "just get along" song and dance. Because these Syrians and Palestinians don't have a right to up and invade Israel (and the territory Israel holds) just because Dignity Rockets says they do. If the Palestinians really do have a right of return, which they don't, it will be resolved by politicians, not vigilantism. But let me guess: That will never be good enough for people like her.


  1. Sharmine gets to moderate her own threads.

    How illegal is that?

  2. BTW you really nailed her this time HPmonitor. She and the rest of the Pro Arab brigade are all ethnocentrists - who never go against the the Iron Fist of the Arab Status Quo.

    At least Israel's status quo, and that of us Jews, is malleable, and pliable, like a matzo ball...theirs is hard and dry like the 6 month old pita bread...


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