Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barry Lando Looks Away

Our favorite no-good smuggler Barry Lando is back again, taking a break from writing about international relations and instead focusing on Europe. This article is incredible by most newspapers' standards, but unfortunately for the HuffPo it is merely average. What makes it so incredible? Let's begin:

Lando's article is titled "Mounting Anti-Semitism in Europe." One would think that's what the article is about, but nope! What were thinking? Lando says that Jews talk about anti-Semitism in Europe, but they're stupid and don't know what's really going on:
"What has long bothered me about such emails, however, is not just a misreading of the cause, but a tunnel vision on the part of many Jews -- a total disregard for those other Semites: the rampant growth of anti-Islamic and anti-Arab sentiment in France and across Europe over the past few years." [Emphasis mine]
As usual, Jews are expected to not only suffer in silence but also must stand up for other people. Even when, as in the case of Malmo, Sweden, those "other Semites" are the ones who are making Malmo a living hell for the Jews who are left there. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Mr. Lando complaining about anti-Muslim bigotry in Europe. But it sure seems to me that he's accusing Jews of being selfish because they dare to stand up for themselves. It's not the first time we've heard complaints like this, though. They are becoming all too common on the Huffington Post.

This is the last mention of anti-Semitism in Lando's article, the rest is spent talking about people he doesn't like, which is most anti-Muslim haters (including an anti-Arab joke) but also "right-wing" bloggers. He then begins preaching at the Europeans. Truly, this article is mystifying, as Lando seamlessly switches from talking about anti-Semitism, to basically declaring that there is no anti-Semitism (or at least none of any consequence), and then gets up on his soapbox about how much Europeans hate Muslims and Arabs.

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions: Just because Lando doesn't talk about anti-Semitism in Europe doesn't mean he thinks there is none, right? Well, let's take a look at the title of the article when it was originally posted on Truthdig.com:

Anti-Semitism becomes Islamophobia, huh? I wasn't aware that hatred had a limited attendance policy. Still, I guess that's what Lando is reduced to when he decided that he was going to deny anti-Semitism. Too bad.

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