Monday, July 18, 2011

A History of MJ Rosenberg Predictions

He's back! MJ Rosenberg has written yet another article about how according to an ex-CIA official Israel is going to attack Iran soon. And of course that will mean Americans will suffer and of course everyone will hate Israel for doing it and of course this will in turn lead to World War 3 and the end of all life on Earth. Of course. Because Prophet Rosenberg has it all set up just like that in his head and was just waiting for someone to come along and say it.

But one must ask the question: How long has Rosenberg been saying that all this is going to happen? Well, Huffington Poster "Erewhon7" has helpfully provided the answer. Here is a complete list of MJ Rosenberg predictions of an Israeli strike:
July 6, 2008—“An Israeli Attack on Iran is coming. “By M.J. Rosenberg
July 20, 2008-- “ Convention­al -- and then Nuclear Attack on Iran…”
May 1, 2009-- “…predicti­ng an imminent Israeli attack on Iran.”
August 31, 2009-- “Will Israel Attack Iran This Year?” ditto by the same
October 14, 2009-- “It's war with Iran they want.”

May 28, 2010-- "The coming Iran War."
July 27, 2010 --Fall Campaign to "Pearl Harbor" Iran
July 29, 2010 "Attack On Iran Very Much A Possibilit­y"
August 15, 2010 "likelihoo­d that Israel or the United States... attacking its atomic sites.
August 27, 2010 "an Israeli attack on Iran... their plans can actually be realized."
29 Aug 2010-- "if Iran was on the brink of a bomb, and if the US did not itself attack Iran, Israel would have to do the job.”
And now of course this is July of 2011 and he is saying the same thing. At what point does all this stop being honest journalism and start being fear-mongering, war-mongering, and hysteria? Still, I guess Rosenberg needs something to say besides "the Jews control America."


  1. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg is actually more alarmist and obsessed with Iran than the Israelis he condemns for doing so! Just don't expect him to look in the mirror and see all the needless hype he's raised about a possible Israeli attack that may or may not happen in this decade.

  2. Your obsession with MJ Rosenberg is sick. I never heard of him before you started stalking him.
    Why this attention to a nobody who nobody reads.
    Are you in love? Get a room, for heaven's sake.

  3. Terrific job, guys (and "Erewhon7")


    @ Anonymous 11:12am:

    Mr. Rosenberg, George Soros pays you to vomit up your anti-Israel propaganda and smears, not troll watchdog sites and demean those who document your lies and libels.

    Now snap to it, get back to your Chee-Tos covered keyboard, and start churning out some more propaganda that can only help your masters in Tehran and Gaza City.

  4. Another thorough roasting of the enemy - it just keeps getting better and better.


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