Thursday, July 7, 2011

James Zogby Hops On the "ZOG" Wagon

As I mentioned before, James Zogby has published an article on the Huffington Post lecturing American politicians for not being as anti-Israel smart as he is. Most of it is nothing new: That the American politicians are acting against American interests and doing so will screw them over later. In other words what is "in American's interests" is not a matter of opinion but black and white, right and wrong. Dr. Zogby is right, everyone else is wrong. As per usual. But of course we aren't so much interested in that, we want to see if he is a a believer in ZOG conspiracy theories. Let's take a look:
"Collins, of course, ignores the many times the U.S. Senate has "been hijacked" by supporters of Israel to take actions detrimental to the Palestinians"
I guess so. By the way, you may also notice the scare quotes around the key phrase there. So is Dr. Zogby quoting someone else? If so, he doesn't cite it. And of course we must also ask who exactly these "supporters of Israel" are who could hijack the Senate and how they did it. I don't think Dr. Zogby would be too forthcoming with that information however. Finally, I'm not sure why he thinks telling us that actions "detrimental to the Palestinians" is supposed to be persuasive to Americans. It's not like Americans particularly like the Palestinians. But let's find out an example of these anti-Palestinian actions that the Senate has been "hijacked" into taking:
"like this very resolution which threatens to cut U.S. aid or the infamous Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act of 1996, which had a devastating impact on perceptions of the U.S. across the Arab World"
Just a reminder: The resolution that he is referring to is that the U.S. will cut aid if the Palestinian unilaterally declare statehood. Now again, I don't see why this is persuasive to Americans. Americans in general don't particular support this plan by the Palestinians and (like American politicians) might see it as a betrayal worthy of a response. It boggles my mind how anti-Israel people like Dr. Zogby (and I feel comfortable saying that at this point) can call for an ending of US aid to Israel at the drop of a hat while taking the exact opposite approach when the shoe is on the other foot. Suddenly all the calls about how "we need it at home" or "not with my tax dollars" cease. Hypocrisy when it comes to America-Middle East relations is hardly a new development, I just wish it wasn't so blatant.

As for the Jerusalem Embassy thing, Dr. Zogby once again forgets that for a time that many countries did have their embassies in Jerusalem, and the sky didn't fall. Regardless, if that's truly the best example that he can find, it's pretty pathetic, especially seeing as how the law hasn't even passed. If he needs tips about how to "prove" that the Zionists really control America, we all know who he should talk to.

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  1. "Many"?

    How many?

    What, the embassies of "vital to world interests countries" like Costa Rica that quickly moved out to Tel Aviv?


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