Friday, July 15, 2011

MJ Rosenberg and Glenn Beck: Two Sides of the Same Coin

MJ Rosenberg has taken a break from his usual deal of complaining about The Lobby to accuse Glenn Beck of anti-Semitism and to criticize the Israeli government (ok so it's not that much of a break) for listening to Beck.

Rosenberg leads off by accusing Beck of spreading anti-Semitism in three different ways:
"The first part of the strategy is never to blame the Jews as Jews. Beck focuses on individual Jews, one after another, as the source of America's misfortunes but carefully avoids references to Jews as a group.
The second is that when he does discuss "the Jews" per se, he emphasizes that he himself isn't blaming them for anything but that unnamed others do. He is just offering a friendly warning to Jews to watch their backs.
The third is that he loudly professes his "love for Israel" which, to the gullible, means that he could not possibly be anti-Semitic. (Jewish neoconservatives, in particular, tend to court the friendship of anyone who claims the mantle of "pro-Israel," no matter what that person thinks about Jews.)"
Now, I'm no fan of Glenn Beck. In fact, I'm no anything of Glenn Beck, I don't watch his show so I have no real opinion on the man himself. But when MJ Rosenberg accuses someone else of anti-Semitism, I sit up and pay attention. As for Rosenberg's accusations of Beck above, I can neither confirm or deny his opinion, as I do not watch Beck's show and have little inclination to do an in depth analysis of Beck. Let's continue with Rosenberg's breathtaking hypocrisy:

"But many Jews, and others familiar with anti-Semitic tropes and themes, see right through Beck's carefully constructed edifice of innocence. Writer Michelle Goldberg explained Beck's tactics in a blockbuster article in the Daily Beast in which she wrote that Beck's repeated references to Jews constitute "a symphony of anti-Semitic dog-whistles."
According to Goldberg, receptive ears will understand who he is describing when he talks about a liberal elite which runs a "shadow government" that, in Goldberg's words, "manipulates regimes and currencies for its own enrichment." When he says that group are simultaneously bankers and Marxists, and says they have made President Obama "their puppet," his audience will know what he means." [emphasis added by me]
 Wow, an "liberal elite" that run governments and make President Obama their puppet? Change "elite" to "neocon lobby" and you would think you were reading an MJ Rosenberg article! Don't believe me? Let's take a look at some of the things MJ Rosenberg has written over the past few months and you can see for yourself how similar or dissimilar they are.
"The good news is that, although Congress is in Netanyahu's pocket, the Obama administration isn't....And they can send a signal to our allies that although the United States cannot openly oppose Bibi's policies because of Congress -- and AIPAC's control of it -- the allies can."
"As the Wall Street Journal reported in an article called "Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel," a tiny (but incredibly well-heeled) group of donors told Obama in advance that any deviation from the line laid down by Netanyahu would cost Obama campaign contributions. The article quotes a bunch of fat cats, unknown to most Jewish Americans who essentially threatened Obama."

"Lobe has it exactly right. (Take a look at this AIPAC-drafted Senate letter, designed to show that, flotilla or no flotilla, AIPAC owns the Senate including your favorite liberals)."
"Soon we may hear Congress singing, "Free at last...""

MJ Rosenberg and Glenn Beck are two sides of the same anti-Semitic coin. Beck claims a liberal elite control the American government, Rosenberg claims a neocon lobby does the same thing. If Glenn is anti-Semitic for spreading his theory (and if Rosenberg is right about Glenn's opinions, he most certainly is), then so undoubtedly is MJ Rosenberg, according to the very criteria used to judge Beck.

Rosenberg goes on to say more about how Glenn is anti-Semitic, but frankly I don't trust the opinion of an anti-Semite so I see no reason to delve into the article any further. I wonder if Rosenberg is aware of just how much of a hypocrite he is. Probably not.


  1. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg thinks any one to the right of him is an anti-Semite.

    Since I've been critical of him, I figure I am one.

    I can only plead guilty for not denouncing AIPAC as Rosenberg would like!

  2. A kapo says what?


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