Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mya Guarnieri Never Stops Whining

After a long time away from the Huffington Post, Mya "Sue Happy" Guarnieri has returned to pen an article about how even though she spends every day of her life attacking Israel, and Israel's government lets her do it, Israel is not a democracy. She says this without a hint of irony. As you might expect, this time she uses the latest boycott bill as her jumping off point, nor is it the first time. She practically makes a living by declaring that this time Israel is not a democracy, no no really it's this law that's going to end freedom there, or maybe this one! And so it goes endlessly. But for now, let's focus on just this article:
"The legislation effectively criminalizes Israelis who answer the Palestinian civil society call to join the BDS movement..."
Oh Mya. You can even read Hebrew so you have no excuse for not knowing that this law does not make boycotting a criminal offense, but a civil one. Perhaps the difference between the two is too technical for you to grasp, so perhaps I can clear it up for you: Under the law, Israelis who call for boycotts (like yourself) can be sued for damages that they cause. But they can't ever be put in jail for it. Okay?

But I would like to thank you for informing the world that the origins of the BDS movement comes from the Palestinians. That makes it illegal under American law to participate in it, as your fellow HuffPo blogger Lara Friedman explained to us. I would owe her for this kernel of truth, but then she blows it with yet another big lie:
"[The BDS movement isintended to bring Israel in line with international law and to pressure the state into recognizing full human and civil rights for Palestinians. While many Israelis are uncomfortable with the BDS movement --mistakenly seeing it as an attack on the state itself -- there are numerous Israeli peace groups and individual activists who have taken part in a targeted boycott of settlement products for years"
Excuse me, this isn't a big lie, it's simply another case of Guarnieri's ignorance. There are two boycott movements: an internal Israeli one and an external Arabist one. The internal one is anti-settlements, but the external one is anti-Israel. I don't really need to link to the video again, let's just say the horse is very much out  of the barn on that one. So I guess Ms. Guarnieri just doesn't know about the real goals of the external BDS movement. Or more likely she does but covers it up because she also supports Israel's destruction. What journalistic integrity?

She continues:
"Under the new law, both groups will be vulnerable to lawsuits. The complainant will not have to prove that his or her business was harmed by the boycott in order to sue someone."
Oh good, so you did read it you just don't understand the difference between actions you get sued for and actions that are criminal offenses. Bravo. Of course, you're still wrong, the complainant does have to prove that he was harmed in order to win the case. Just like in every other country with libel laws.

Most of the rest of the article is quoting other people who are more important than her who also don't like the boycott law (hardly a mean feat) including those who think that it is undemocratic. Not content with that alone, however, Ms. Guarnieri then takes aim at the Israeli Supreme Court, citing examples where their rulings were not followed. A legitimate criticism, but hardly unique to Israel. She then concludes as she usually does, with arm flailing hysteria. First up, dredging ancient (for Israel) history:
"Of course, I would question the strength of any "democracy" that kept Palestinian citizens of Israel under martial law from 1949-1966."
Another legitimate criticism that is taken too far. And besides, if these Israeli citizen refer to themselves as Palestinians in my mind that makes them traitors. Clearly Guarnieri has her agenda and is simply picking and choosing "evidence" that fits her biases:
"But the anti-boycott law also suggests that the term ethnocracy is no longer enough. For it is no longer enough to belong to the dominant ethnic nation, that of the Jewish people -- one must be Jewish and march lockstep with the hawks. Israel, it seems, is on the road to becoming an ethnocratic ideocracy."
Yeah yeah yeah. It would pack a little more punch if she hasn't been saying the same thing for years without anything changing. In America we all thought the Patriot Act would lead to fascism, and miraculously it didn't. And now Ms. Guarnieri expects us to believe that just because she can be sued for helping those who want to destroy her country (aka treason) that Israel is an "ethnocratic ideocracy." Whatever. The Huffington Post will eat up her screed like candy, that's what they do. But within a couple months, we'll all have forgotten that this even happened. That's how it works.

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  1. Every country has laws prohibiting illegal restraint of trade and commerce and interference with the execution of lawful contracts. Mya Guarnieri must be the first person on earth to be shocked Israel also has regulations forbidding harmful and deceptive business practices! As a journalist she should know better than to mislead her readers but her role as anti-Israel activist takes priority over a concern for the truth. And the HP will never demand she correct her lies for the record.


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