Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stephen Zunes is Funny

Stephen Zunes is back with another ridiculously long article which in short says that Congress supports Israel, and in doing so supports colonialism, which is bad. Notice how that didn't take me twenty-four paragraphs, Mr. Zunes. Anyway, there isn't much to say about the article as a whole, with one exception:
"Perhaps if Morocco's rulers were as white as Israel's, they would have also gotten unanimous support rather than just a simple majority."
Calling your elected representatives racist, Zunes? Classy as always. Anyway, here's the funny part:
 "Those who care about human rights, international law and the right of self-determination must withhold any financial support for the Democratic Party until Democrats end their strident opposition to such principles and limit their campaign contributions to the small number of Democrats who do.And if MoveOn, Democracy for America, and similar groups want to salvage any credibility or integrity, they must be clear that they will not endorse any member of Congress for re-election who opposes the right of self-determination by those under foreign belligerent occupation and who continues to embrace a reactionary early 20th century colonialist agenda.
If they do not, we must withhold our support for those groups as well and let them know why."
Ha ha! Yes, please do that, Huffington Posters. We know how the pride of anti-Zionists lead them to believe that "everyone" (or at least everyone of consequence) agrees with them about everything, but Zunes is in for a wake up call if he really thinks that people are going to listen to him. If anti-Zionists try to go up against Zionists on the national level, they won't have a chance. And the smart ones, ones who aren't Mr. Zunes, know that, which is why they generally try to pester others and get support that way. Even if it means lying.

In the real world, the only thing this will accomplish is that the Democrats will lose money and support. That's it. They aren't going to change their views on Israel, no matter how loudly the Huffington Posters whine. Because for every Huffington Poster, there are five constituents who support Israel and won't sell out the Democrats for people who danced on 9/11. Sometimes I even feel sorry for the anti-Zionists, because there is simply no party they can possibly vote for if they want to destroy Israel. The Democrats are pro-Israel, the Republicans are even more pro-Israel. They simply each are pro-Israel in a different way. One would think that the anti-Zionists would stick with President Obama's party, since they are more willing to criticize Israel than the Republicans. But, as we have long learned, "criticism" isn't enough for them. They want America to take the side of the Palestinians.

Incidentally, why doesn't Stephen Zunes call for pressure on the Republicans? It's probably wise for him to know his audience and how they are liberals, but there are some Republicans who are isolationist, like Ron Paul.

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  1. And the result of such a boycott will lead to a GOP takeover of the Senate and the White House. What Stephen Zunes is advocating is the Democrats commit political suicide so the anti-Israel crowd can feel morally self-righteous.

    Democrats are not that stupid.


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