Friday, August 5, 2011

Ami Kaufman Loves the ZOG

Ami Kaufman of +972 magazine has penned a hysterical article about how if President Obama's administration doesn't recognize a Palestinian state the world will end. But what I am really interested in is this little paragraph:
"Whether they do it through the Security Council or the General Assembly is no longer of any importance, seeing as how the administration has caved in to Israeli and American-Jewish pressure to block such an initiative"
 Before we go any further, please take a look at Mr. Kaufman's link. It's about the Palestinians going to the UN Security Council instead of the General Assembly, and the only thing related to his ridiculous claim is an unnamed "European source" saying that Israel pressured America "very heavily." Now why would Mr. Kaufman say something that isn't proven and try to pass it off as truth?

Why indeed?

As for his claim, why would Obama support the Palestinians? After all, he has only said multiple times that he thinks the plan is a bad one, and peace must come through negotiations and not unilateral declarations. To side with the Palestinians would mean selling out not only his #1 ally in the region but also quite a large percentage of his foreign policy fans who believed that he knew what he was doing. The reasons why Obama would side with Israel is long, and why he would side with the Palestinians is short, but Mr. Kaufman would rather not think about that.

Better to imply the Jews control America. That's what gets you published on the HuffPo.

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