Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mira Sucharov Continues Not to Get It

Political scientist professor Mira Sucharov returns with her second Israel-related Huffington Post article (we covered her first one earlier this year). This one is about Israel's tent protests and titled "Israel's Tent Protest: Whose Social Justice Is It Anyway"?. From this title, I expected to read an analysis of the high cost of living in Israel, perhaps discussing how it causes Israelis to emigrate to the USA, with some excellent Whose Line Is It Anyway references. But no, unfortunately Mira chose to talk about, just like everyone else, the Palestinians.

Something Zach and I have noticed is that when it comes to the Huffington Post, it is impossible to discuss anything related to Israel without talking about the Palestinians. No matter how irrelevant, like Israeli scientists making medical breakthroughs, or a puff piece about surfers, if the article doesn't mention the Palestinians, it's greatly flawed. Fortunately, Mira Sucharov won't let those darn tent protesters change the subject:

"The official slogan of the demonstrations -- "The nation demands social justice!" (Ha'Am doresh tzedek chevrati!) -- involves the headiest and most ethereal of concepts....But commentators have been rightly asking whether the use of the term "social justice" is deserved...How can the nation demand social justice when areas as diverse as education, health care, child care and housing are being discussed, while Israel's policies toward the Palestinians are being ignored?"
Allow me to rephrase that last sentence for you so you can understand exactly Mira's point: "How can anyone in Israel talk about anything other than Israel's policies towards the Palestinians?" And indeed, how can they? How dare they talk about other issues?

Mira Sucharov goes on to talk about social justice in the Jewish tradition and about why it's important to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians. If you're interested in social justice, check it out. But I think this fixation of the Palestinians is absolutely ridiculous and this article is probably the best example of that. Israelis are working to fix serious problems with their country (of which the Palestinian conflict is only one) and yet academics like Mira Sucharov in far off Canada can only sit back and complain that they aren't working hard enough on some other issue.

A true academic might try to take a hard look at Israeli society and try to figure out why Israelis aren't taking to the streets to encourage a peace treaty with the Palestinians. I myself (not being an academic) can think of two theories: 1) the Israelis love oppressing the Palestinians because they are just so evil or 2) Israel has offered the Palestinians peace treaties several times and each time got burned so Israelis don't believe protesting their government would do any good. But apparently Mira Sucharov would rather complain about it and try to tell Israelis what to do rather than ask herself the tough questions.

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