Monday, August 22, 2011

More Fighting In Israel, More Huffington Post Bias

As usual, the pattern has continued of interesting stuff only happening when Matt and I are away on break. This time it was one of the most bloody terrorist attacks in Israel for a while. But before we even get to that, let's see how the Huffington Post chose to cover the latest round of violence near Israel, Gaza and Egypt:

So yet again we get an up close and personal view of Arabs (presumably Palestinians) grieving for their (presumably) dead relatives. What the headline doesn't mention, of course, is that the two Palestinians were preparing to launch a rocket at Israel at the time. But I guess to the Huffington Post, dead terrorists is a tragedy. Be sure to note the comment count as well. Now let's contrast this with how the Huffington Post covered the terror attacks on Israel that killed 8, including 6 civilians:

A bunch of faceless Israeli soldiers standing around doing nothing. What, the Israeli families weren't upset that their loved ones were killed by violence either? Or is it that the Huffington Post's agenda didn't allow for Israelis to be portrayed as human beings like the Palestinians do? And while we're at it, the Huffington Post wrote some more stories about the violence, let's take a look at the pictures:

So yes, the hits on Gaza were in the same faceless style, but that's in contrast with the above family grief. Israelis are either faceless soldiers or faceless stereotypical Jews, which in some ways is even worse. Has the Huffington Post ever showed Israelis cowering in bomb shelters or grieving at funerals? That's not a hypothetical question by the way, I really want to know. Please tell me.

If anyone still has any doubts that the Huffington Post has an anti-Israel agenda, please speak up now or for ever hold your peace.


  1. With the rise of world inflation, isn't it great to know that Jewish blood is still as cheap as it was in 1939?

  2. Since HuffPost merged with AOL, the hatred, racism, bigotry, and propaganda has gotten even worse than it was.

    Was the merger really with AOL, or was it with Stormfront?


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