Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mya Guarnieri's Hypocritical Whining

In case you haven't heard, 81 Congresspeople are taking a trip to Israel. If not, why not, because the Twitter feeds of the anti-Zionists have been complaining about it for 48 hours straight (give or take). With that kind of attention, it's only a matter of time before someone on the Huffington Post got a hold of the story, and this time it falls to Mya "Sue Happy" Guarnieri. She opens with her usual complaint, in which she pretends to care about America (not for the first time) to disguise her true Israel hating motivations:
"And 81 U.S. Congressmen are off in Israel when they should be here, dealing with the mountain of problems facing the American people -- you know, the men and women who elected them."
Oh my gosh! How unreasonable that these Congresspeople are going on vacation when they should be, you know, doing Congress stuff! Except wait, Congress isn't in session right now. So they wouldn't be dealing with these problems anyway. There's a little thing Ms. Guarnieri should consider, it's called "background research." Maybe she's heard of it.

Fortunately she was smart enough to quote Josh Ruebnerthe National Advocacy Director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, who was a little craftier. He said that Congress should be using this time to meet with constituents about domestic matters. This is funny for two reason: 1) People like Mr. Ruebner don't care about financial stuff! If Congress was meeting with their people and discussing finances, Guarnieri & Ruebner's article would be moaning about how they aren't working to "end the occupation!" President Obama has balanced foreign policy and domestic matters his entire presidency, and Guarnieri has never complained about it so far. 2) As both Guarnieri and Ruebner would agree, what happens in Israel affects what happens in America. It's an important issue that will become even more so in the next few months. These Congresspeople are meeting with Israeli and Palestinian lawmakers, and are learning a thing or two about the region. Oh no how unreasonable! The truth is that the anti-Israel forces didn't have their act together enough to sponsor a trip like AIPAC did, and now their propagandists are all sour grapes.

Let's not forget that no one held a freaking gun to these Congresspeople's heads and made them go to Israel, either. And don't freaking tell me that AIPAC would destroy their campaigns if they didn't, because we've been over that already. No doubt these representatives saw the trip as a win-win, they get a vacation and get to learn about an important foreign policy matter. Which is just how AIPAC likes it, no doubt. But Ms. Guanieri isn't finished yet:

Her grasp of journalism is shaky as always. Check this out:
"And what are American taxpayers getting in return [from Israel]? In his article, "Friends Without Benefits," Matthew Yglesias gives a succinct answer: "Israel does us no favors and is no use to us.""
Oh. Well that settles it then. Sure, Guarnieri could have asked Michael Oren or General Alexander Haig or Dr. Steve Carol or private military contractors or General Petraeus or maybe 50 retired military personnel or even President Obama about Israel's value to the USA. But no, because then she wouldn't be an anti-Israel propagandist. Instead she digs up some no name blogger and decides he is the sole arbiter of Israel's relationship to America. Would anyone like to disagree with me that "Sue Happy" is motivated by her own biases and not by facts?

Anyone at all?

Let's take one last part from the article:
"So, no, this trip isn't shocking. It's just one more outrageous example of American politicians putting special interest groups ahead of the dire needs of the American people."
Again, the hypocrisy is astounding. Guarnieri doesn't give a rat's ass about the American people, based on her history. All she cares about is destroying the Jewish state. That's the beginning of it, that's the middle of it, that's the end of it. Seriously, if someone could please find me an article where she is standing for Americans and not simultaneously calling for Israel to be brought down, I will be very surprised. But I don't think you can. One last bit from the thread:

So tell me, when anti-Zionists rage about "dual citizens" who are "traitors" and "Israel firsters," because they choose to live somewhere else instead of America, do you think Ms. Mya is who they had in mind? And if Guarnieri saw such posts, do you think they would bother her? I'm guessing probably not.

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