Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nedda Alammar Is Not Funny

"Humorist," "essayist," and Huffington Post blogger Nedda Alammar has pulled a bait and switch with her latest article. You see, she titles it "Can America Learn to Speak Muslim?" and indicates that it is about the relationship between American society and Muslims both at home and abroad. But that really isn't what the article is about. It's about how America is too pro-Israel...of course.
"How do we protect ourselves against Muslim extremists? As an American who reads every word of every headline religiously, I know the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is ever present, and a major reason for bad blood between America and the Arab world."
May I remind Ms. Alammar not to conflate Muslims and Arabs? The most populous Muslim country is Indonesia. And to be frank I'm not inclined to get into the whole question of whether animosity toward America is due to support of Israel or other interference in the Middle East like invading Iraq twice. Instead let's move to the next thing she says, which is quite informative:
"But we ignore it. And the more we ignore it, the worse it gets; kind of like unpaid bills -- which we as Americans are more than familiar with. Unfortunately."
Ignore it? Is that a joke? Ha ha very funny Ms. Alammar. Ignore it. Good one! Clearly you don't read the Huffington Post where they publish an article about it every single day on average. And clearly you don't pay attention to our politicians, because otherwise you would have noticed Netanyahu's speech to Congress and Obama's multiple speeches on the topics. But I guess in your mind Americans are ignoring it.

Actually, I've got it. You see, I think Ms. Alammar is an activist masquerading as a humorist, at least on this topic. And activists have a point of view (especially among the BDS crowd) that unless people aren't talking about their cause all day every day in every possible venue, they are "ignoring" it. Because although politicians like President Obama and the United Nations have other matters that also require their attention, activists are free to deploy their tunnel vision as much as they like. And then complain when everyone else isn't as close minded as they are.

Ms. Alammar isn't finished yet, unfortunately:
"Why is it that America, who still holds the superpower title of the world, can't make the Israelis and Palestinians just get on with the peace process? Why do we continue to let them haggle?"
This comment is informative on many levels. My first reaction: Why exactly does America need to make the two sides forge a peace? That hasn't happened in 90% of the peace treaties that exist in the world today. It's funny how there is an equal number of pro-Palestinian folks who think that America should ignore the whole thing as there are those who think America should switch sides. My second reaction: We know why America can't make the two sides get along, because the conflict will only end with the Palestinians being forced to back down or Israel's destruction. No one is strong enough to defeat Israel at this point, and America doesn't have the guts to force the Palestinians to make peace. So we're stuck.

And finally, we have this:
"But then I realized, after rescuing myself with The Social Network, if there was a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there would be a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
I haven't seen the Social Network but in my eyes, that statement is a redundancy. Maybe someone can explain it, but I am not so inclined.

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