Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Chants "America Go Home"

Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani is back yet again, this time to tout her anti-Western credentials to her leftist and Middle East dwelling readership. This time she teaches us a new phrase "Irhal Amreeka," which means "America Go Home" and proceeds to repeat it throughout her column, also while referring to America as "we." For example:"
"And we should shut up too. So much of the Middle East's political discourse is infested with language created in Washington, that it is hard to separate truth from our fictions sometimes:
Ask yourself why we blindly followed a 20-year peace "process" which by its very nature suggests something that is ongoing, instead of a peace "solution?" Ask why we think it is kosher to financially and militarily support a colonial-settler state like Israel whose very existence is dependent on the elimination of indigenous peoples? Why did we start calling the Libyans "rebels" while they were still only "protesting" in the streets?"
Yeah, so what's this "we" bullshit? Does she think we've forgotten her background already? How does a Lebanese woman living in England get to call herself an American and (based on her other work) a Middle Eastern Arab at the same time. Pretty neat trick. Let's take a look at the article a little more in depth. Obviously the paragraph above is nothing new, delegitimizing Israel is Narwani's self-professed singular goal. And really her complaints about American foreign policy is just a retread of what she said here, that for the West to pursue its own goals in the Middle East is somehow horrible, even though for the Arabs to do so is just fine. But even more informative, we see the racist "helpless Arab" fallacy coming out in force:
"Nurturing and establishing an elite class/regime to administer US interests. There is no better recent example of this than the creation of the Palestinian Authority, but one could just as well look to the regimes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to understand why we are still stuck repeating the Washington-born narratives that characterizes these nations as the "Moderate Arab States.""
This might be what I like to call "the dictator two step." When it comes to a dictator (in the Middle East or elsewhere) the USA has two options: Engage with the dictator or isolate him. When they engage with him, people like Sharmine Narwani shriek about how they are "propping him up" against the will of the people. An example of this is Egypt. But when they try to isolate him, people like Sharmine Narwani shriek about how they didn't try to take him down soon enough (Libya) or more likely shriek about how they are only doing so because he is against US interests.

This is almost a perfect repeat of what these same people were saying to Israel vis a vis making peace. When Israel makes peace with Egypt, they were complaining that Israel engaged with a dictator who kept his people oppressed. But they also complain that Israel doesn't deal with Assad to make peace with Syria, because Israel loves war or something. No doubt if we lived in some parallel universe where Israel did make peace with Syria through Assad, people like Narwani would be saying the exact same thing about Assad and Israel that they did about Mubarak and Israel. It's how they roll.

Oh, and one other thing. Only when it comes to US-Arab relations does "pursuing American interests" somehow become a bad thing. People like MJ Rosenberg and Narwani make a living off accusing American Jews Zionists of "putting a foreign countries' interests ahead of their own," yet somehow Narwani also expects Americans to go against American interests just on her say so. Don't expect anyone to accuse her of treason though.

Of course it wouldn't be a Narwani article if she didn't imply that "Zionists" controlled America:
"The core of our problem is that the halls of policymaking in Washington are filled with ideologues, not area specialists. Our decision makers therefore follow political agendas -- usually attached with an umbilical cord to pro-Israel interest groups - and not nuanced diplomatic imperatives that could foster positive relations based on universal values and respect for national sovereignty."
Translation: People don't agree with me and I'm upset, so I'll blame "pro-Israel" people for it. And naturally we have a defense of her buddies in Hezbollah:
"Washington has spearheaded an international tribunal to legally define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization -- the only Arab forces to have ever forced an end to an illegal Israeli occupation."
Aww, poor baby! Of course the occupation of Lebanon was not considered illegal by anyone except Arabists like Ms. Narwani, believe me I checked. And I guess Ms. Narwani would rather cover up Hezbollah's genocidal intentions toward Israel, since that would just be too honest for her. But apologizing for terrorists is hardly new ground for "Dignity Rockets," so let's move on to our last bit:
"In order for Arabs to reach the goal of genuine representative government and viable economic reform, the US needs to be drop-kicked out of the Middle East. That means halting all our weapons sales to despots. That means, barring emergency humanitarian aid, ceasing all our military and financial assistance in the region.And we should shut up too. So much of the Middle East's political discourse is infested with language created in Washington, that it is hard to separate truth from our fictions sometimes"
So again, note the use of "we" from a Lebanese-born British citizen. And of course I can't help but wonder if Ms. Narwani would put her money where her mouth is should America choose to cut off aid to Palestine but not Israel. Somehow I doubt it.


  1. Where does Sharmine Narwani get off telling America what to do? If the Arab World ever takes her advice, millions of Arabs will starve to death and the Western tourists who keep them fed will stay home. Its pretty easy to dispense with advice from a London salon. After all Narwani isn't giving up her comfortable life if America gets tired of supporting Arab radicals whose sole mission in life is to blame it for all their troubles.

  2. Sharmine feels she can tell America what to do, because she went to the American School in London, an elitist liberal-arts establishment (link above).

    Doubtless she now views her thorough enjoyment of the pseudo-American 1980's environment she thrived in as being time spent "behind enemy lines". She was notably one of the hottest little sluts on campus at the time; it's amazing what people grow into. Who'd ever think that a beauty queen type would turn into an Assad apologist?


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