Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HuffPost Blogger Attacks Israel's Legitimacy

Another day, another blogger writes an article attacking Israel's legitimacy and the Huffington Post proudly publishes it. This time, it's Taufiq Rahim and his article is "Israel's Legitimacy Flows Through Palestine". Here's some nice quotes from the article, emphasis by me:
Israeli officials have been pseudo-confidently telling whoever will listen that the Palestinian pursuit for recognition at the United Nations is an affront to the peace process. Didn't the Palestinians know that their legitimacy -- and the creation of their state -- flows through Israel? At some point in the last couple of years the mainstream Palestinian political leadership finally emerged out of Plato's cave and answered that rhetorical question: It's Israel's legitimacy that flows in fact through Palestine.

The claim that the Palestinian effort at the UN seeks to discredit the State of Israel is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. In fact it is Israel's future legitimacy that derives from the creation of a Palestinian state. The longer its political leaders procrastinate, the more tenuous its legitimacy as a democratic and viable state becomes.

Moreover, by rejecting the current Palestinian attempt to enshrine a two-state solution at the United Nations, Israel risks opening the pandora's box of what's next. Who is to say that the Palestinian leadership in the face of a lack of progress won't switch to backing a bi-national democratic state à la South Africa? In the eyes of the world -- which is generally supportive including in U.S. popular opinion of the Palestinian attempt at recognition -- how legitimate would the State of Israel be without a Palestine?

It seems that both Israel and the U.S. have already made up their minds regarding the vote this week. However, this issue will not disappear and will continue to linger. The Palestinian leadership is trying to firmly establish the legitimacy of the two state solution and the existence of Israel. The question remains will Israel undermine its own legitimacy in response?"
Let me sum up this article for you: Israel better let the Palestinians have a state, or else. This seems to be the far left rhetoric version of the Hamas threats of destroying Israel. I wonder what MJ Rosenberg would say about this article.

It's also fascinating to me that Palsbarists like Rahim here think that it's a legitimate threat to say that the Palestinians can just "switch" to arguing for a bi-national democratic state. This might have been a legitimate threat 50 years ago, before the birth of the Palestinian national movement. The Palestinians might have had a case to say "we're Israeli and we want to live in Israel", but not anymore. Not when (as the Palestinian supporters so frequently brag) they have 100+ countries supporting their desire for their own state. Those countries won't just "switch" at the drop of a hat solely because the Palestinian "destroy Israel" movement decided to switch tactics, unless the Arab oil lobby is more powerful than we thought.

At the end of the day, though, the Huffington Post is giving voice to a blogger threatening to destroy Israel's legitimacy. Shameful.


  1. Ironically, the opposite is true: Pal legitimacy, flows through Israel

  2. This "Rahim" idiot must be tweaking on meth, nothing he says makes any logical sense. Time for rehab, buddy!


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