Friday, September 2, 2011

MJ Rosenberg is Insane

Lately we've been conversing with MJ Rosenberg on Twitter, where he is usually less extreme than he appears on the Huffington Post. Notice I said usually:

That's quite the claim from a guy without psychic powers. It's also exactly something McCarthy would say. I don't know whether he was just messing with us or is simply caught up in his own paranoia. I really really hope it's the former.


  1. He's paranoid. And being pro-Israel implies disloyalty to America? I think that's a stretch for good ol' MJ Rosenberg. Of course, either he reads minds or he's making it all up!

  2. Once again, those who support Israel are called "firsters", accused of disloyalty to their own countries.

    Yet those who support terrorism and Gaza-West Bank, are "humanitarians".

    Such pure unadulterated BullShit, plain and simple.

    Just think how proud MJ's parents must be of him, *eye roll*. and if no longer here, they must be turning in their graves for the disservice he does to all Jews and all who support freedom and democracy.

  3. I think there is a hint of mental illness in all antisemitism, especially in the antisemitic Jew. Interestingly is the fact that these antisemitic "Jewish" individuals also happen to be leftists and as their hero Obama sinks into the oblivion that is infamy their unbalanced personi become more acute.

  4. Yes. Miguel Jesus Rodriguez is insane.

  5. Independent Patriot,

    While I sadly have to agree with the first part of your comment, I think bringing the whole "left-right" dichotomy into the mix
    is largely unfair. Please keep in mind, that it is not only Obama supporters that take the same stance that MJR and other "leftists" take.
    Being anti-semitic, while it currently seems to be the "in" and "fashionable" thing amongst most liberals, anti-semitism is not limited to Obama supporters, and certainly can not be blamed on that.
    IMO, one who is anti-semitic, is such, regardless of what political side they are on. Sadly.


    the above is the jew hater trying to explain what he means by israel firsters...and just comes across as even more of a jew hater and bigot

    he is not insane...he is evil

    i am a liberal, i will probably vote for obama next election

    the only reason why israel has become a partisan issue, is because of evil people like mj

  7. Somewhere, long long ago, an Israeli must have given MJ an atomic wedgie.

  8. You should see some of the comments from him and other anti-Zionists, courtesy of Adam Holland:


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