Thursday, September 22, 2011

PLO Representative Is New Huffington Post Blogger

Who would have imagined that an organization that the US designated a terrorist organization in 1988 and who committed an assassination of two US diplomats would be given a voice on the Huffington Post? And yet that is exactly what has happened: Today's latest and greatest blog post on the subject of the Palestinian statehood drive is written by Maen Rashid Areikat, the Chief Representative of the PLO to the United States. Isn't that fantastic? Let's take a look at this article titled "UN Membership Enhances Peace," putting aside for a moment the somewhat laughable claim that "peace" is really what the PLO wants.

Areikat makes it all sound very palatable to Western audiences:
"When Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the United Nations this week, it will signal a significant step forward in the continuing search for peace with Israel."
After this he proceeds to blame everything on Israel, that negotiations aren't happening because of "Israeli intransigence" and not because of Abbas' preconditions, preconditions that even President Obama agreed were unreasonable. But we can't expect the "moderate" Palestinian Authority PLO to violate their own narrative can we?
"The Palestinians, represented by the PLO, have long sought to establish an independent, sovereign state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The obvious question is simple: if not now, when? "
Funny, but I seem to remember that when the PLO was first founded it was very clear that it was Israel they were seeking to "liberate" and that they held no claim to the West Bank or Gaza. Of course we can't expect the PLO to air their own dirty laundry, but even paying lip service in the vein of "I've changed, baby, now take me back" would have been appreciated. (Now cue all the trolls saying "history doesn't matter.")
"American aid has played a significant role in helping us to provide the Palestinian people with essential services, such as health and education, and in supporting our economy. Cutting off aid as a response to our diplomatic, non-violent move at the United Nations will have a serious impact on our ability to meet our obligations particularly in the security sphere."
I wonder what would happen if, say, Michael Oren got on the Huffington Post and explained why American aid to Israel was so important. I'd imagine it would lead to about a thousand comments screaming "cut off the aid!!!!" But really that's besides the point. As you will see, Areikat tries to make the point that Palestine is a state ready for its independence. But how exactly is a people on welfare (and they are) supposed to make the case in front of the United Nations that they are ready for statehood? Answer: They can't, but will anyway because their Arab brothers will always back them up. And furthermore, Americans can do whatever they want with our aid, and seeing as how this whole statehood bid is a big middle finger to America, they deserve what they get.
"This is a turbulent time in our region and the United States has always been supportive of a people's right to self-determination."
Technically they already fulfilled their right of self-determination when the Palestinian Authority was created. But Areikat is hardly the first Huffington Post blogger to misunderstand what self-determination means.

"We meet all the conditions of the Montevideo Convention for Statehood: a permanent population; regular democratic elections, governing ourselves effectively; and we have relations and treaties with other countries."
Two problems: One, you don't have regular democratic elections. In fact, you and the PLO aren't even the legally elected representatives of the Palestinian people! Hamas is. So why are you writing on the Huffington Post as if you are? Secondly, what do you mean by "governing ourselves effectively?" Leaving aside the whole human rights issue (Walid Husayin), who has the power in Palestine is based upon who holds the most guns. You guys can't even keep unity with Hamas going for too long! Even Ali Abunimah agrees that you don't meet the MCS, and you know he is pro-Palestinian.

At this point he concludes with the usual "we want peace and America is evil for not dancing to our tune" in so many words. And of course he leaves out inconvenient facts like Palestinian refugees won't be repatriated should the PLO declare a state, the whole issue of representation, and of course the ever present problem of Hamas. Hey, for that matter, it's only a question of time until we get Ismail Haniyeh writing on the Huffington Post talking about how much he "just wants peace." I'm sure they'd be happy to have him.


  1. A response to that terrorist prick on the HP:

    Show us a copy of the map of "Palestine­" you are handing out to everyone at the UN pal. It is a map of all of Israel. That you are on United States soil is a travesty - just like the UN itself. You shall obtain nothing my friend, and when you get back "home" to the house and the land you have stolen from Israel you might want to pack up and head for the Palestinia­n State that already exists - called for the moment "Jordan". Why should you pack? Because I don't think you are going to be happy living in Israel...w­hich is what the "West Bank" is going to be as soon as that UN vote is cast. Oh - and show some respect for President Obama next time you are in a room with him. You and the PLO are nothing compared to him, and us.


  3. Big surprise. They print Narweeni and Rosenthug,
    why not this guy?
    I mean after all, Narweeni is head cheerleader for Hamas
    Rosenthug is head cheerleader for the Palestinians.
    Huffington Post is head cheerleader for anyone and everyone
    anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, and Arianna herself is a rabid

    Are you really surprised at this?


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