Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sandy Tolan Thinks We're Stupid

Did you ever read or see "The Lemon Tree?" The author of the book, Sandy Tolan, has now put his pen back to work on the Huffington Post. And his latest article shills one of the most common leftist myths about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
"For the moment, whatever happens in the coming weeks at the U.N., and in the West Bank in the aftermath, isn’t it time for the world’s focus to shift to what is actually happening on the ground?  After all, it's the occupation, stupid."
Sorry, but no one who has read a history book knows that not only was there fighting before the occupation (which Mr. Tolan refers to as going on for 45 years, fyi) but that the occupation of the West Bank alone has never been what motivates Palestinian militants. Just ask them. Yes, we know that "End the occupation" is the endless Palestinian and leftist mantra, but thankfully those in positions of power know that it is more complicated than that. I actually wish that the Palestinians would make it even more clear that they consider Tel Aviv to be just as occupied as Bethlehem (or not), because then we could actually get somewhere.

As for the rest of the article, it is basically a regurgitation of anti-Israel talking points along with the Palestinian narrative and pseudo history. For example, the Second Intifada was not carefully planned by Yassir Arafat but a reaction to Ariel Sharon walking around on the Temple Mount. A common misconception, but a misconception nonetheless. Although it is mostly one sided, it is not completely so:
"As an apt example, consider the morally and strategically bankrupt tactic of suicide bombings, carried out from 2001 to 2004 by several Palestinian factions as a response to Israeli attacks during the second intifada.  That disastrous strategy gave cover to all manner of Israeli retaliation, including the building of the separation barrier."
How informative. Yes suicide bombings are morally bad but it doesn't tell you anything about the Palestinians who commit them, or their motivations. And besides what's really bad about them is that it gave Israel a good excuse for doing things Mr. Tolan doesn't like. Naturally we get this as well:
"(The near disappearance of the suicide attacks has been due far less to the wall -- after all, it isn't even finished yet -- than to a decision on the part of all the Palestinian factions to reject the tactic itself.)"
Ha ha ha. It continues to mystify me that people like Mr. Tolan seriously expect us to believe that the above quoted Hamas for example just by coincidence decided to stop using one of their most effective terror tactics against Israel in the same places that the security barrier was being built. Yes, okay, sure. Sorry, but I'm not that gullible.

The article as a whole is the usual one sided narrative, which doesn't require any more attention, either from us or from the readership of the Huffington Post. No matter which side you're on, you've heard it all before.

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