Wednesday, October 5, 2011

James Zogby Throws A Tantrum

We've had our disagreements with James Zogby in the past, but if nothing else he has always struck me as calm and (somewhat) fact based. Maybe it's because he's a pollster and statistician, but I always thought that he drew his conclusions more by analysis than by expectations. Yes, even after the ZOG thing. But alas, his latest article has forced me to reconsider my conclusion. He starts it all off with this story:
"I read an interview which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave to the Jerusalem Post. At one point in the exchange, the interviewer pressed Netanyahu on whether or not he would consider agreeing to a new "settlement freeze" in order help restart peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Netanyahu's response was a short, but telling: "I think we already gave at the office.""
Zogby proceeds to flip his gourd:
 "At first, I waxed indignant as I recalled how my disingenuous and dismissive neighbors would try to put me off using this same over-used and very transparent lie. And then I thought, how interesting that this flippant man, who prides himself on his fluency and his debating skills, could make such an obvious mistake -- using an expression that actually means its opposite."
By the way, if you're waiting for Zogby to prove Netanyahu wrong instead of simply calling him names, don't bother because he doesn't. We've already discussed a little bit how in the minds of Israel's critics, nothing involving settlements will ever be good enough. No freeze will ever be a "real freeze" and thus anyone who says that Israel has frozen, is freezing, or will freeze in the future is therefore a liar. So when in doubt, I go to President Obama, and he agreed that Israel did indeed freeze settlements for ten months. And even he eventually realized that Israel's freeze wasn't working. Now Mr. Zogby probably knows this, so instead of going after Netanyahu with facts, he tries to make up for it with volume:
"Am I bothered by the arrogance of the man, and his transparent disingenuousness? You bet I am. " 
"He's been playing us for fools for decades now and we're letting him get away with it. " 
"The individual in question was merely attempting to avoid giving, while at the same time pretending that he really wasn't cheap or heartless."
This is of course not including a rather juvenile tactic in which Zogby pretends to be speaking with Netanyahu's voice. So in short, a pretty disappointing article. Up to the Huffington Post's regular standards perhaps, but definitely not Zogby's.


  1. Zogby has turned into a Islamist circus freak. How he looks himself in the mirror I have no idea...he must be a muslim. Another psychotic anti semite who has been pulling our legs here in the US since he started his bullcrap polling business a decade ago. Total slease artist.

  2. You do realize that Jim Zogby is not a pollster, he is the President of the Arab American Institute. His brother, John Zogby, is the pollster. I do however, disagree with Dr. Jim Zogby in the he states "He has been playing us for fools..." Well, Dr. Zogby, who is the Us you are referring to? Dr. Zogby is an Arab American, not a Muslim, but Catholic. He is of Lebanese decent, not Palestinian. Therefore, who is the Us?

  3. James Zogby is also a pollster, or at least uses polls a lot in his articles:

    And I think the "us" he refers to is the Western world.


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