Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sharmine Narwani's Latest Hypocrisy

Dr. Peter Wittig has written a great article on the UN's Security Council's uselessness in the face of the fighting in Syria. Admittedly its not a new topic, not even by Huffington Post standards, but still worth reading. What Dr. Wittig clearly forgot, though, was that if you write an article about a theocratic Arab dictatorship, you'll get Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani showing up to troll it. And that's exactly what happened. First up let's get a screenshot in case it gets removed (not likely):

Let's go through the lies and hypocrisy.

1. UN didn't protect peace by stopping Israel. Clearly Ms. Narwani learned a different version of history, but in my mind the UNSC failed to keep the peace when they didn't stop her Arab friends from trying to destroy Israel in 1948. The UNSC didn't even get the chance to pass any resolutions against Israel before the Arabs committed a crime against humanity (which didn't get a peep from the UNSC either I might add). No surprise that Ms. Narwani left out that part of the story.

2. Israel is violating Security Council resolutions. In this respect Ms. Narwani is just wrong or is lying. Because there are currently no Security Council resolutions for Israel to violate. All UNSC resolutions to Israel are passive, they "call on" or "condemn" Israel for XYZ, but never tell them to do anything. Sounds like she has made the mistake of many Palestinian apologists, mixing up the SC and GA.

3. Blaming Israel for everything bad in the Middle East. Not exactly new ground for Narwani, or people who think like her.

4. The UNSC is biased and/or irrelevant. And yet she'll stay complain that it's unfair. She also plays the "orientalism" card here, trying to spin the SC as representing just the West, ignore China and Russia. And finally:

5. The Ultimate Hypocrisy. Criticizing Dr. Wittig for not writing about other dictatorial regimes, implying that he only writes for Western interests. This coming from someone who never writes about truly dictator regimes, because she only writes against Western interests. What hypocrisy?

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