Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day

No real context needed, but you can click the link below if you want.

Gotta love anti-Semitic imagery surviving WWII and ending up on the HuffPost.

The original link.


  1. Here's a gem from Madsen26 that didn't quite make it past moderation. But thanks to HP, on the sidebar, we get to see responses that never get posted. Thought I'd share this one...

    madsen26 Learn to read. Like others have just said, it's a laugh and a half of outrageousness that HP ever set you up as a "community moderator" to just advocate for lies and murder on behalf of your evil people. Meanwhile, since your heart breaks for other evil people why not run along and say a kaddish for Hosni-n-Suzanne at temple tomorrow while you chow down on Palestinian baby? yummy!

    Nice imagery, huh?


  2. Madsen is quite a piece of work. But for some reason the HP lets him stick around.

  3. The abuse I get from that guy is unreal. Check out this back and forth

    I wrote:
    They have a cold peace which is definitely better than no peace.
    That's a pretty cavalier attitude you have towards people dying.
    What's the drawback for the Egyptian or Jordanian people??

    He Wrote:
    Better for who only, I wasn't referring to you people I was referring to the people who were shortchang­ed by a collaborat­ion of dictators and thieves, i.e., You people and the butchers you love. If you feel so sorry for them I'm sure Egyptians can always send his evil carcass over to the garbage dump known as Israel where it appropriat­ely belongs.

    I wrote:
    The fact that you are still allowed to comment here is a continuing stain on the waning credibilit­y of HP.
    (And it has nothing to do with your views, and everything to do with the disgusting hatred that drips from every word/lie you write.)

    Pending from him is this gem:
    Oh please, the fact that HP allows people like you with your hatreds and fascist attitudes to be anything called a "community moderator" is what drags these forums into the dirt with the rest of your type. A fact that has been commented upon already by several posters of varying views. And it has everything to do with my views, you are no democrat and the fact that the U.S. ever allowed your parents or grandparents to immigrate into this country is making it into almost as nasty an ugly garbage dump as your favored fecal pit aka Israel.

    Here's the whole thread

  4. Well Jason, at least that slime is consistent.
    He wrote a very similar comment to me once, about the immigration
    thing. Believe it or not, I have comments and replies from him that
    are worse.
    Madsen is beyond despicable, as is HuffPo for continuing to give
    him a platform for his vile hatred.

  5. Hey anon
    Here's another post of his that actually made actually made it through moderation!!(same thread)

    "The fact that hate-fille­d bigots and racist-sup­remacists like you are not only allowed to post but elevated to something called a "community moderator" is the only true commentary about the low state of HP which panders to your type of excrementa­l filth way too often and too long. A fact already duly noted by an interestin­g variety of HP posters of varying opinions. "

    Can you spot the ad hominem attacks? LOL

  6. @Jason. Madsen is one sick sick individual. No doubt.
    Truly sick and disgusting.


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