Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biased Headline: Aid Starts at Zero

Yesterday Huffington Post reporter Joshua Hirsch commented about some comments made by Rick Perry on the subject of foreign aid. Here's the selection of interest from the article before we get to the headline:
"Rick Perry called for a radical new approach to American foreign aid spending in the GOP debate Saturday night, proposing that all aid be reduced "to zero," and then be re-implemented only once the country made a good case for their aid. Asked later in the night if he included Israel in that plan, Perry said he did."Obviously Israel is a special ally, and my guess is we would be funding them at a high level," Perry said, "but everyone should come in at zero.""
So what headline did Mr. Hirsch choose for his story? This one:

It's like that old joke: A headline that declares "120 countries, Israel, Vote for Environmental Resolution at UN."

And of course this singling out of Israel sparked a rather typical hatefest against the Jewish state:

Another day on the Huffington Post.

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