Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Comment of the Day

Any questions?

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  1. I could probably add a "Comment of the Day" just from the nasty responses I get from Madsen.
    Yet another. (Hasn't ade it through moderation yet, but it might)

    madsen26 Yeah, creeps like Json are likewise smiling at murder and theft that's why he rushes to suck Netanyahu's a** at the least pretext.

    Hey Json, you win the Bernie Madoff Gold Medal Humanitarian Award for putting a smiling face on theft and murder.

  2. @Json.

    But this one, did make it through moderation:

    Israel: Palestinians' Money To Be Released
    madsen26 -
    Member Since July 2011
    Commented Nov 30, 2011 at 19:57:01 in World

    “Like them? No, he LOVES them! He's been deflecting regularly on that Kosher Butcher's behalf on HP for over 3 years now. And he can even ask his momma to pass on to you her favorite recipe for Palestinia­n Baby Shishkebab­, it's a huge hit at Json's house after temple”

    I once reported him. The result was that none of MY comments were posted for close to a week, while his vile comments just kept coming.

  3. @anon

    Hadn't seen that one. His comment that I posted above still hasn't gone through, so I guess he decided to comment on one of the other responses to my comment instead.

    It is beyond outrageous that HP lets this continue. Ignoring the vile anti-semitic blood libel, he continues to attack other users.

    On a related note...
    Did you know that HP only lets you report a user 3 times?? Apparently I have hit my limit on Madsden and if I try to report him again I just get a pop-up that says "Thank You! You have already reported 3 times on this user".

    There seems to be little recourse available.

  4. Json. Well that is very telling, and sad. Very sad.

    To think that not only do Madsen's comments get "approved by moderation", but to know that he has been reported so many times, and is still allowed to continue, simply speaks volumes.

    I've often wondered (or were convinced) that certain people seem to be mouth pieces for the HP themselves, Madsen alone, almost seems to confirm that.

    Pathetic and sad.


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