Friday, November 18, 2011

Conversation of the Day

One of the nice things of watching the trenches of Israel vs Arabs debates online is seeing the psychosis that can appear when someone gets too adsorbed into the Palestinian propaganda point of view. Here's a particularly chilling example on the subject of peace making:

I cannot help but wonder what kind of person considers making peace to be "giving up" and therefore a bad thing. I also can't help but notice that this kind of rhetoric only ever seems to be coming from the "pro-Palestinian" side of these arguments, though I question how being anti-peace is truly "pro-Palestinian." And of course the Holocaust baiting is pretty typical as well.

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  1. IMO, this brings up a whole other issue that should be looked at.
    The passive aggressive approach to being pro-Palestinianism, or anti-Israel-anti-Jew.
    People like YankeeCanuck, Calamity Jack, Gibranil and several others, who post (false) desires for peace, claim to not "take sides", and would like one to believe that they truly care for both Palestinians and Israeli's, yet could not be more disingenuous in their claims. There is always a "but", always an "if" and always some level of Israel bashing. Yet they pretend to be open minded. They pretend to "care" for the civilians of Gaza and West Bank,
    and often times even pretend to care for Israeli civilians. They don't.
    They don't want peace, at least not for Israel. They don't care about civilians, unless they are Palestinian. And they certainly don't keep an open mind, they just pretend, so they don't blatantly appear to be the anti-semitic haters that they are. IMO, this is worse than the likes of RubalK, Nwo, bksg or even permanentvacancy, who at least don't even try to hide their disdain for Israel or Jews.


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