Monday, November 14, 2011

HP Bias: A Story So Nice They Published It Twice (Redux)

For some reason, it didn't make it to the front page of YnetNews or Ha'aretz, but according to the Huffington Post progress is being made in the Israeli bill to cut off foreign funding of NGOs. And as you can see, the editors were off to the races  before the story even developed:

The first article is about the bill passing a group of ministers, the second is about how it is on hold. Which is a little bit strange, you'd think they would condense both stories into one. But apparently not. It does allow the HuffPo to fish for hateful commentary, though. Check out the first link for the good stuff.

Update: And they threw one more in today (Tuesday):

You know, just to remind you that Israel continues to exist and should be subjected to your hate.

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