Monday, November 28, 2011

HPW: ME's Latest Police State

The Huffington Post published an editorial by Patrick Galey discussing the movement of one of the Middle East's (admittedly flawed) democracies moving towards a police state. He talks about this mistreatment of Americans by this country and the internal strife but the bulk of the article was dedicated to a new wiretapping center opening that would monitor communications. Galey expresses concern that the center will be used by unsavory members of the government to violate the citizenry's civil liberties.

How do you think the HPers reacted?

Well, obviously, since the country in question wasn't Israel, they were all for it! Compare these comments to the comments left under Hagai El-Ad's article about Israel cutting off foreign funding for NGOs. As usual, when Israel isn't the one making poor decisions, the HuffPosters could care less.

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